Euphoria season 2
Euphoria season 2

Euphoria season 2 is probably a few months away, which was set to air on HBO on 6 December. But HBO is releasing two specials to tease the fans till the release date of the next season.

Euphoria Season 2 launch date

  • Euphoria Air’s Christmas-theme special at HBO on Sunday, December 6 at 9 pm, and The network will also air Season 1 in its entirety at 10 pm. On 5 December.
  • Producer Sam Levinson shot two “special episodes” to bridge the season 2 gap, the first of which began streaming on HBO Max early Friday and will air on HBO (9 EST / PST) on Sunday.
  • The series premiered last summer and was expected to return for a second season this year until COVID-19 ceased production.

Euphoria Season 2 online streaming

  • New subscribers to the streaming service can watch new episodes for free. The service offers a seven-day free trial.
  • After which the service costs $ 14.99 per month to access the HBO show’s extensive catalog.

Euphoria Season 1 last time was left

  • The episode, set on Christmas Eve, picks up directly after the events of the Season 1 finale, with Rue and Jules planning to elope together, only to return Rue at the last minute.

Euphoria Season 2 story

  • Friday’s new installment suggests that Rue is alive, but certainly unwell, depressed, and getting high in a dinner bathroom in the opening minutes of the episode.
  • This episode is ultimately about the release, as Ali implores Roo to “look deeply” and not define himself by anyone’s mistake.
  • There is no easy answer at the end of the episode, as Ali drives home while “Ave Maria” plays in the background.
  • at the ending catharsis and hope that maybe tomorrow we can be better, kinder, and forgiving ourselves.

Euphoria Series Lead Role cast

  • Zendaya played the role of Rick, an addict who falls in love with Jules (Hunter Shaffer), the new girl at school.
  • Domingo is an acting powerhouse, and Zendaya reminds the audience why she won her Emmy in this grueling, heart-wrenching episode, which revolves entirely around Rue and Ali’s interactions.

Award did Euphoria Series get

  • In September, the 24-year-old became the youngest person to win the title of Outstanding Lead Actress at the Drama Series Emmy Award for Drama Series, a drug-abusing, sexually abusive, and self-harming HBO character.

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