Valheim Reveals New Biome, Quests, and Features Coming in 2023

Valheim Reveals New Biome, Quests, and Features Coming in 2023

Valheim Reveals New Biome, Quests, and Features Coming in 2023

Valheim devs discuss work on Ashlands’ next biome along with other features like new NPCs and accessibility options.

ValheimThe first dev blog of 2023 revealed many major additions coming to the game, including a brand new Ashlands biome and new NPCs to interact with. Valheim players can also expect to customize existing characters and battle terrifying new creatures, while a focus on accessibility features aims to make the game more playable for people with disabilities.

The viral success of Valheim in 2021 was a welcome surprise for humble indie studio Iron Gate, which has since focused on expanding Valheim and the studio after release. The game sold an incredible 10 million copies in its first year, which allowed Iron Gate to subsequently double in size and devote more resources to bringing new content to Valheim. As the pace of development picks up, it will likely take much less time than Iron Gate needed for its first major content drops.


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Although not definitive Valheim content roadmap, the first Iron Gate dev blog of the year revealed some interesting things we’re working on. One of the biggest additions is a new biome, the Ashlands, which has a “land of the dead” theme in stark contrast to many of Valheim’s lush and vibrant environments. Iron Gate is in pre-production to develop this biome, so it’s still a way out, but the studio has promised to be much more transparent with the process than they were with Mistlands.

valheim morgen

A few enemy design concepts revealed for the biome include the charred, deformed skeletal creatures wielding various weapons, and Morgen, a vaguely insectoid creature with bony appendages that would fit right in with enemies in dark souls Games. Other plans for the year include an Xbox version with cross-play support, new difficulty settings, and new content like Hildir’s Quest. Hildir’s Quest will introduce a new NPC, Hildir, while also giving players a way to customize their character’s hairstyle. Accessibility is also a major concern for Iron Gate going forward, and the developers have asked players with disabilities to contact them with any accessibility issues or solutions.

It should be an exciting year for Valheim fans as Iron Gate ramps up its development. Last year’s Mists update for Valheim brought tons of new features and gameplay into the mix, setting the bar high for Valheim content updates going forward. Thanks to ValheimThanks to the massive open world and survival gameplay, it’s easy to imagine that new biomes, enemies, and buildable items will be introduced long after release.

Valheim is available now in early access for PC and will be released in early 2023 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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