Twitch Streamer xQc denies he and Adept were ever married

Twitch Streamer xQc denies he and Adept were ever married

Twitch Streamer xQc denies he and Adept were ever married

Popular Twitch streamer xQc denies allegations that he and fellow content creator Adept got married after their recent drama.

Popular Tic Streamer and content creator xQc vehemently denies claims that he and fellow streamer and content creator Adept got married following their high-profile fallout. While most big names in the streaming industries tend to see their fair share of drama once in a while, some seem to get it more than others, with xQc being mostly among them lately.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Samantha “Adept” Lopez have had a pretty rocky relationship for the past few months. The pair are said to have been dating on several occasions over the past few years, keeping it low key for the most part with the running joke that the two were roommates. While xQc and Adept have broken up and gotten back together in the past, their last public breakup last September appears to have put the final nail in the relationship’s coffin, with streamers publicly feuding ever since.


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Following their most recently aired dramatic incident, xQc took to Twitch to directly address and debunk the many rumors swirling around him. The prolific streamer specifically spoke on the “violation of a court order” audio heard by Adept during a recent stream, with a few devoted followers managing to unearth a court filing from Williamson County, Texas, which stated that the two streamers were going through the divorce process. In the clip, xQc not only claims that he’s not currently married, nor has he ever been married, which seems contrary to the uncovered court document.

The entire topic of xQc and Adept’s marriage status has been in the spotlight due to the dramatic and viral incident that transpired during one of the former’s most recent streams. During its broadcast on January 7, Adept showed up at xQc to approach him and tell him he was violating a court order, catching thousands of xQc viewers completely off guard. Adept accused him of changing account passwords and, among other things, threatened to call the police, causing xQc to first mute while exiting the camera, then abruptly return to put on end to his stream soon after.

The broadcast incident with Adept is just the latest in an extended rough patch for the Twitch streamer. Just last month, xQc slammed critics for wasting food, with viewers chastising him for frequently throwing away portions of fast food meals he eats live, prompting expletion-laden responses.

Despite the series of controversies and dramas, not everything the streamer makes headlines for can be construed as “bad”. After two years of trying, xQc finally beat Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun record, proving at least its relation to gaming on Tic is very good.

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