Elimination chamber 2021
Elimination chamber 2021

The Elimination chamber 2021 is one of the coolest and most intense matches we see each year 6 wrestlers locked inside a cage made of steel change is such an awesome concept this year’s paper view featured some amazing moments both inside and outside of the chamber,

Here is 7 best moments of Elimination chamber 2021


Sam using falls from the chamber the idea of the elimination chamber so there’s no way to escape well that didn’t stop saying the same the conspiracy theorists began climbing what the pods to try and avoid elimination this is our wasn’t having it it’s her chasing after saying semi try to fight back but this was cyber stayed on him the 2 eventually found themselves clinging to the side of the chamber since our decide to end it there it’s at Sammy’s plummeting to the floor. One of the most extreme moment elimination chamber history it was still pretty cool this is R. as pull ups afterward made it even better.


Kofi Kingston takes up everyone during the dead of the championship elimination chamber 2021 match there are many participants found themselves brawling in the corner sumac a terrorist apparent hit Sheamus with a suplex but your party in 80 styles had other ideas. For men keep crashing down but that wasn’t the best part once everyone’s back on their feet Kofi Kingston crash the party literally. Use one the coolest moments in the match but unfortunately for Kofi you’d be limited just a few minutes later.


Kevin Owens means all after all the pots been open the inside of the elimination chamber 2021 truly turned into a war zone everyone began jockeying for position in trying to gain the advantage with everyone distracted Kevin was climbed one the pods he had a massive moonsault. It looked awesome it’s always cool seeing ko hitting a high flying moves since he is in the smallest guy on the roster after taking out all 4 minute once I once went on a rampage even eliminating his former friend same same sadly it was enough to win the match I think he was a little bit later by J. so.


claymore from out of nowhere whether you like the W. chieftainship elimination chamber 2021 match or not I think it’s safe to say that the ending was awesome after AJ styles surprisingly eliminated Seamus it was down to the phenomenal one and the Scottish one they look like styles going to hit the phenomenal forearm to become the new derby champion. What is. At the last second Trudeau’s boot up and hits AJ with the claymore Randy Orton clearly had the right idea the official from out of nowhere is so much cooler.


Dan Bryant almost becomes the universal champion after winning the elimination chamber 2021 Daniel Bryan didn’t have to wait too long to receive his universal championship match the head of the table Amelie came out after the chamber match to give Brian a shot at the title it seems like Daniel Bryan didn’t have a chance but then. For a few seconds it seems like Brian could have become the universal champion however Roman reigns followed the yes lock and quickly ended the match just remember no matter how much you love Dale Bryan Roman reigns always weapons the outcome was a disappointment what happened next help to make it better speaking of which.


U. S. makes its decision yeah it was a bummer that Daniel Bryan lost the universal championship match what happens after the bell help make up for that taking a page of his former taking partners playbook it should disappear from out of nowhere. The reader superstar not only not from the roof down a peg but the royal rumble winner also made his decision official in 7 weeks it’ll take on the head of the table for the universal championship not only find out who the better man is full also find out who has the better spear.


the Miz catches them well it was nice seeing drew McIntyre retains WBO championship it was a predictable ending that was until popular actually ran in and attacked McIntyre the former U. S. champ the mall strip and left him laying lifeless at first I thought this meant that you’re McIntyre body Leslie we’re going to face each other at WrestleMania for the championship but then. That’s right see an opportunity the mistook it and cashed in his money in the bank contract the W. B. champion didn’t go down without a fight but the elimination chamber 2021 match and Bobby Lashley speed down for too much ms seal the deal the skull crushing finale and that was that drew McIntyre’s reign as WBO champion is over and the Mrs has just begun what’s this mean for WrestleMania I guess we’ll have to see.