Tokyo Robberies Targeting Pokemon Trading Cards

Tokyo Robberies Targeting Pokemon Trading Cards

Tokyo Robberies Targeting Pokemon Trading Cards

A series of Pokemon trading card thefts in Tokyo are causing heavy losses to local card shops as authorities try to find the culprits.

A series of mysterious thefts in Tokyo have targeted local trading card stores in an attempt to steal large amounts of Pokemon trading card game maps. With the growing popularity of franchise cards, attempts to steal from Pokemon Trading cards have become a growing problem around the world.

For years Pokemon TCG The cards have been a popular collectible for many fans of the franchise. However, a recent resurgence in cards caused by internet trends such as Pokemon card pack opening videos has caused the value of these products to skyrocket. With this newfound popularity, some are willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on as many cards as possible. Unfortunately, this can even lead some to commit crimes for the simple fact of possessing these cards.


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Reports from the Japan Times have informed that these thefts have been continuing since last summer. There are currently five reported thefts from local trading card stores involving the theft of rare Pokémon cards. In one case of burglary, sixty cards were stolen, totaling approximately 8.5 million yen (approximately US$64,200). With Pokémon card thieves becoming more and more common, trading card stores have suffered terrible monetary losses at the hands of these thieves.


At present, the damage is estimated at tens of millions of yen. Because Pokémon cards are known for their beautiful artwork and the reputation of specific cards being rare, these items attract many different collectors who are sometimes willing to pay incredibly high prices to own something so exclusive. One of the investigative sources told the Japan Times that it was incredibly difficult to find these trading cards due to the fact that they are not uniquely numbered in any way. The report did not specify if these thefts are a coordinated effort or if they are individual incidents.

The increasing value of these cards is no joke. Just recently, an NFL player was able to retire right after selling a Pokémon card. When a card is worth more than a professional sports contract, there is no doubt that some people would be attracted to stealing these products, even if it meant losing a lot of money to local businesses. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of Pokemon Trading Cards losing popularity, so in the meantime these thefts will hopefully be stopped soon in order to prevent local stores from taking such a beating.

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Source: The Japan Times

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