Today’s Wordle #573 Tips, Hints & Answers for Friday, January 13

Today’s Wordle #573 Tips, Hints & Answers for Friday, January 13

Today’s Wordle #573 Tips, Hints & Answers for Friday, January 13

Hey look, it’s Friday already! It’s pretty awesome. I’m ready for a weekend, although I usually work every day of the week. I guess I can sleep in on the weekends, which I appreciate because I don’t have to drive the kids to school (at dawn these days, in the freezing air, hypothetical roosters crowing in the distance).

I still don’t know why they start school so early. Or really why they start nothing so early. Who came up with the 9 to 5 anyway? Why does my son’s middle school start the first period at 7:40 am? These are inhuman times for those of us who don’t go to bed early and like to sleep at least a little. I don’t sleep late like some people, but I like not to get up until 9 or 9:30. I prefer that to shivering in the cold at 7:15 a.m. to take my child to school.

I am not complaining. I hold on. There is a difference. Complaining implies that it’s a big deal and you want something done about it. Gripping is just therapy. I use this column – and you, dear Wordlers – as my therapists. Everyone needs to complain sometimes. The grip is healthy. I know they will never start school at 10:00. It is very good. I know they won’t listen to my other notions – more play and free time, no math until later in life, etc. – and that suits me too.

What does not suit me is not to do this Wordle. So let’s do this thing!

How to solve today’s word (beware of spoilers!)

The index: Rob Zombie says it’s over [ ] that [ ].

The index: There are more consonants than vowels in this word.

The answer:

Ha! Bwahahahaha! Not only am I laughing maniacally because I defeated the Bot – which humans are incapable of in most sci-fi movies! – today, my victory was also ironic. Because I am a Human and Wordle Bot is just a mere pretender. I shudder at the thought of losing today’s speech, overcome by an artificial intelligence, however diabolical and diabolical as Wordle Bot.

At the same time, I’m more than a little shocked that I got this one in just two guesses. It was really lucky. I mean, yeah, clearly a serious word and thematic skill entered this W but luck played its own small part.

Wound was a good starting guess, leaving me with 62 possibilities remaining. It’s good but not great. With so many, it’s nearly impossible to get it to the next guess. Unless, of course, you extrapolate Human from wound, because humans can be hurt. Or, uh, you just move the ‘U’ and think about Human entirely by chance as it is the first word that comes to mind with the ‘U’ in the second slot.

Which, okay, was me. I wasn’t trying to be thematic and I just got very, very lucky. The thing is, I almost went down a totally different path with spite, just to guess some new vowels. Then I thought, no, let’s just try to use these letters in new boxes and I’m glad we did! Huzah!

That’s +2 for getting it in half and +1 for beating Wordle Bot for a big shiny score of 3. Huzzah and hip hip hooray!

Have a nice day my darling humans. Be great to each other!

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