Today’s Wordle #570 Tips, Hints & Answers for Tuesday, January 10

Today’s Wordle #570 Tips, Hints & Answers for Tuesday, January 10

Today’s Wordle #570 Tips, Hints & Answers for Tuesday, January 10

Well, it’s Tuesday and we’re already ten days into the New Year. 10 down, 355 to go. We are in a regular year of 365 days in 2023. 2024 will be a leap year, which means that February will receive one more. According to my calculations, this means that on February 29, 2024, we will have Wordle #985. Next February 29 will be in 2028, and unless they’ve added more words to the Wordle pile, the game will be exhausted by then – or maybe evolved into six-letter words or just started over, in a new round.

Something about Wordle always makes me think of time. Appointment. Calendars. The etymology of months and days. Maybe it’s because I’ve never kept a journal, and this Wordle guide/column/something has become a place of daily ruminations. Not the kind you might put in a journal or diary – nothing so personal for everyone to see – but ruminations nonetheless. February 29, 2028 is 2,446 days away. More than five years in the future. Where will we all be then?

My daughter will soon celebrate her 21st birthday. My son will soon be 18. I’ll be on the other side of the 45, staring at the barrel of my 50. Where will America be? The global economy? War and peace? Climate change? Who will be our president?

It is better not to think too much about such things. I have a better idea. Let’s do a Wordle.

Today’s Wordle walkthrough (with spoilers!)

The index: Dirty, grimy, messy, greasy.

The index: There are 1.5 vowels in this word.

The answer:

You know, I thought I had it on my second guess—dirt—as soon as the ‘G’ and ‘R’ started turning green. I knew the ‘I’ was right, after all. Then the “M” turned green and I thought “YES!” TODAY I WILL BEAT THE BOT!”

Alas, that was not the case. Align got me so close, with only 8 possible solutions remaining. But my near-second win was crushed like a bug when the “E” turned gray. Of course there was only one (very obvious solution after that) and that was filthy for the W! Unfortunately, Wordle Bot also got it in 3, so we’re tied.

It’s 1 point for getting it in 3 guesses and zero points for tying the bot for a total score of 1 point. I take it! Huzah!

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