The White House does not keep a log of visitors to Biden’s homes

The White House does not keep a log of visitors to Biden’s homes

The White House does not keep a log of visitors to Biden’s homes

Republicans asking to see the logs of visitors to President Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, will be disappointed to learn that none of these logs exist, as none have ever been preserved.

On Sunday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain asking the White House to turn over records of who visited the Wilmington residence where Ms. Biden has spent most weekends since taking office in January 2021.

Mr. Comer’s request came just hours after the White House revealed that five additional pages with classification marks had been identified by the President’s special adviser Richard Sauber when he visited Mr. Biden to take possession of a single page with similar marks that had been found earlier.

“Given the serious national security implications, the White House must provide the Wilmington Residence Visitor Log,” Mr. Comer wrote. “As chief of staff, you head the president’s executive office and have a responsibility to be transparent with the American people on these important matters relating to the White House’s handling of this matter.”

Mr. Comer added that the Americans “would never know who had access to these highly sensitive documents” in the absence “of a list of people who visited his residence”.

“The Committee demands transparency on whether individuals with foreign ties to the Biden family have had access to President Biden’s residence and the classified documents he mishandled for years,” he said. .

Yet Mr. Comer seems to be asking for a document that never existed in the first place.

White House official says visitors to Mr. Biden’s private home are unregistered and were never registered during his tenure as president and the eight years he served as the administration’s vice chairman Barack Obama.

A source familiar with White House security operations said The Independent that the visitor logs kept by each administration are generated automatically by the White House worker and visitor entry system, known as Waves.

Anyone who visits the White House complex – including the President’s and Vice President’s staff, members of the press and anyone else who enters the 18-acre campus for any reason – sees their entrance and its exit followed by scanning a badge during its passage. through security checkpoints along the outer perimeter of the complex.

Staff, members of the media and other frequent visitors can be issued a so-called ‘compulsory pass’ which allows them entry at will. Other visitors are given temporary badges after Secret Service personnel at checkpoints confirmed that a White House staff member made an ‘appointment’ for the visitor in the Waves system.

This same badge must also be scanned when a person leaves the White House complex, as the doors allowing exit from the security perimeter will not open without a scanned badge.

The resulting data is used to create visitor logs which are published on the White House website by some administrations and eventually transferred to the National Archives by all administrations.

The source explained that Mr. Biden’s private home does not have the infrastructure to allow the same visitor registration as it is a private home.

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