The most-watched YouTube streamers of 2022 revealed

The most-watched YouTube streamers of 2022 revealed

The most-watched YouTube streamers of 2022 revealed

A live streaming analytics website announces its top ten live streamers on YouTube based on the number of hours their fans watched in 2022.

An analytics website just shared its ranking of the top ten most viewed sites Youtube live streamers of 2022. And while some of these names aren’t surprising, a few unexpected content creators are topping the charts.

Twitch is many people’s go-to live streaming platform, and its most-watched live streamers gained hundreds of millions of hours of viewing time in 2022. Yet YouTube is no slouch either. , with fans watching tens of millions of hours of their favorite creator’s content.


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Streaming analytics website Stream Hatchet has announced its 2022 ranking of the most popular game streamers on YouTube. Massively popular and often controversial live streamer IShowSpeed ​​took the top spot with around 38.5 million hours watched in 2022. While impressive on its own, it also represents a significant lead over Japanese virtual YouTuber Kuzuha, which came in second with around 27.4 million hours. . American YouTuber TimTheTatman is close behind with 26.6 million hours watched.

DrDisRespect, which recently made headlines by poking fun at America’s most-watched Twitch channels, has amassed around 25.2 million watch hours, according to Stream Hatchet. This puts it squarely in fourth place, just ahead of Japanese VTuber Pekora and its 23.3 million hours. YouTuber and esports commentator Ludwig took sixth place with his 22.5 million live streaming hours, followed by Indonesian YouTuber Windah Basudara and his 21.9 million hours in seventh. Spanish video game YouTuber Vegetta777 took eighth place with 20.9 million hours watched, narrowly beating Japanese Virtual YouTuber Miko with 20.7 million hours. Finally, the Spanish Youtuber DjMaRiiO took tenth place thanks to his 20.4 million hours.

While there are a few things observers can take away from these rankings, the first is that Twitch streamers seem to have a definite advantage over their YouTube counterparts. For example, the most-watched Twitch streamer of 2022, xQc, earned an estimated 224 million watch hours, according to Steam Hatchet. Similarly, Hassan Piker was the most-watched American Twitch streamer with 81.4 million hours, while the most-watched female Twitch streamer, Amouranth, had 32.06 million hours watched, according to StreamsCharts. By comparison, IShowSpeed’s 38.5 million hours puts it just ahead of Twitch’s most-watched US streamer, TSM_ImperialHal, and his 3.77 million hours watched on the platform.

Other interesting observations include the fact that all but one of YouTube’s top live streamers come from the US, Japan or Spain, with the US and Japan dominating the top five. It also helps showcase the popularity of VTubers, who have shown they are more than capable of holding their own against mainstream YouTubers.

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