‘The Last Of Us’ Reviews Better Than All Those Classic HBO Shows

‘The Last Of Us’ Reviews Better Than All Those Classic HBO Shows

‘The Last Of Us’ Reviews Better Than All Those Classic HBO Shows

The Last of Us has now racked up 69 reviews, bringing its total to a 97% review score on Rotten Tomatoes. Good for any show, let alone a video game adaptation on a hit network.

It got me wondering, with scores like this, heading into Season 1 here, what other The Last of Us shows are getting a rewatch? Quite a few, and you might be shocked by some of them.

Here’s a bunch of classic HBO shows that didn’t score nearly as high as what we’re seeing from The Last of Us here. I will have shows that does tie or beat him after that.

  • The Last of Us – 97%
  • Watchmen – 96%
  • Repetition – 96%
  • Easttown Mare – 95%
  • Chernobyl – 95%
  • Estate – 94%
  • Silicon Valley – 94%
  • Yarn – 94%
  • Veep – 93%
  • House of the Dragon – 93%
  • Walk Empire – 92%
  • The Sopranos – 92%
  • Dead wood – 92%
  • Leftovers – 91%
  • The White Lotus – 91%
  • Game of thrones – 89%
  • Big Little Lies – 89%
  • Euphoria – 88%

That’s…an impressive list, and if you’re curious about rarefied air with shows that reviewed at or above 97% of that watermark, it’s a much shorter list, and you won’t. you may not have heard of some of them. Many have less total reviews in this The Last of Us.

  • A Black Lady Sketch Show – 100%
  • Someone somewhere – 100%
  • Los Espookys – 100%
  • Barry – 99%
  • I can destroy you – 98%
  • Insecure – 97%
  • Band of brothers – 97%
  • Extreme – 97%
  • The Last of Us – 97%

Obviously this list is somewhat debatable (I’m not sure I can agree that Treme is better than The Wire or Insecure is better than Chernobyl, but RT can be a bit inaccurate. Still, the fact is that it’s the one of the best-reviewed first seasons in HBO history, a network with more high-quality hits than any other, and as such, it’s probably okay to start getting excited about it. where you might have forgotten, it was Chernobyl writer himself, Craig Mazin, who made this series, which was always one of the reassuring points that it was probably going to be pretty good.

The Last of Us debuts this Sunday, January 15, and we’ll see what the audience scores are at that time. I suspect there will be a number of 1 stars given the ownership controversy, but hopefully nothing will be a full bombardment. They’ll save that for season 2 when they adapt the second game, which is when the firestorms really started.

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