The immersive Disney experience is coming to 10 cities in 2023 – Where to see it

The immersive Disney experience is coming to 10 cities in 2023 – Where to see it

The immersive Disney experience is coming to 10 cities in 2023 – Where to see it

The company that brought Immersive Van Gogh to tens of thousands of visitors across the country has a new experience using much of the same technology but targeting a completely different audience.

Disney Animation: Immersive Experience will put audiences right in the middle of many of their favorite Disney classics and modern favorites.

The show kicked off in Toronto last month and will open in nine US cities in the first four months of 2023: Boston, Cleveland, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nashville and San Antonio.

“It’s a dream to bring together the best in animated storytelling with the best experts in immersive artistic experience,” Clark Spencer, president of Walt Disney Animation, said in a statement. “We can’t wait for audiences around the world, of all ages, to experience the great moments of our feature film legacy in this incredible way.”

Spencer certainly knows something about animated storytelling, having won Oscars for his work on both. Encanto and zootopiatwo of the films featured in the immersive experience.

The experience

Much like the Van Gogh Experience, guests of Disney Animation: Immersive Experience will be surrounded by walls of visuals and sound.

Visitors will meet in the casita from Encantoat Pride Rock from The Lion King at sunrise as Rafiki introduces Simba to the animal kingdom, or on a magic carpet with Aladdin and Jasmine.

Visitors can sing along to classic songs and be part of the show through wristbands that light up in a variety of colors at certain times during the experience.

“Being a pioneer in new media is always exciting, and it will truly be the most challenging and rewarding project of my career,” said J. Miles Davis, an Oscar-winning producer leading the creative team, a role which he calls great. responsibility. “With such a wealth of material and a treasure trove of memorable characters, it will be a pleasure to bring the work of all of Disney’s great animators and performers to life in an immersive 360-degree environment.”

Organizers note that bright flashing lights, giant screens and sometimes loud music can be overwhelming for those sensitive to such stimulation.

They also advise that the experience is for all ages, or as they put it, from Bambis to Geppettos.

Opening dates

As the Toronto experience continues, US portions are starting soon and tickets are already on sale at all nine locations:

  • Boston: the show opens on February 23
  • Cleveland: show opens January 19
  • Columbus: show opens April 6
  • Denver: show opens February 16
  • Detroit: the show opens on February 9
  • Las Vegas: the show opens on March 30
  • Minneapolis: The show opens March 23
  • Nashville: The show opens February 9
  • San Antonio: the show opens on February 28


There are a variety of ticket tiers, starting with basic tickets which cost $39.99.

The show also offers group tickets for family and friends, premium tickets and VIP tickets. Each level includes additional items, from seat cushions to interactive wristbands to Disney animation prints, and more.

Ticket information, dates and availability can be found by choosing your preferred city on the Disney Experience website.

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