YouTube, Gmail and many other Google features reopened after an hour of shutdown.

Today, many services of Google company such as: YouTube, Gmail and Drive, etc. were shut down for an hour. Due to which users faced many difficulties in using the Internet. But now all the services of the company have started again. Read this post to get more information.

Google is down: YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive
YouTube, Gmail and Drive Services

Google Company Server:

  1. Google is the world’s largest and most used search engine. And most people use it to do their work.
  2. Currently, most companies, offices, other government and private departments do most of their work through the Internet. In such a situation, if internet service is stopped for some reason, it causes a lot of damage.
  3. Something similar happened today with Google’s search engine. Because of which many people had trouble using the internet. According to Down Detector, on Monday, Google’s server was down, which saw an impact on many of the company’s services.
  4. At around 4:45 pm this evening, many of the company’s services went down. And it is also estimated that all these services of the company were down for about 1 hour. But after 1 hour the problem was solved. And the company’s services started functioning again.

Down services:

Today many of the company’s services were down. The information about which is given below:

  • One of the company’s discontinued services was Gmail. Which today was not working completely due to server down.
  • In addition, the other big service is named YouTube. These services were not fully functioning for about an hour.
  • In addition, the name of the Google Drive service is also included. Which was closed for an hour today.
  • These were mainly some of Google’s services that were closed for about an hour this evening. And while using these services, users were getting 505 error. But now all the stopped services are working in full.

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