Teacher fired for filming OnlyFans clips in class clears debt with videos

Teacher fired for filming OnlyFans clips in class clears debt with videos

Teacher fired for filming OnlyFans clips in class clears debt with videos

Posted: 2023-01-16T17:45:32

Updated: 2023-01-16T17:45:40

An infamous teacher who was fired for filming OnlyFans videos on student desks with her husband has achieved her ‘dreams’ after paying off a huge debt.

OnlyFans teacher Samantha Peer, otherwise known by her stage name Khloe Karter, went viral last year after students discovered she was making videos in class.

Shortly after the news broke, Peer was fired from her job and even banned from OnlyFans for her actions, prompting the former science teacher to turn to other sites to sell her content. .

Now, months after Khloe Karter made international headlines, she’s since made enough money to pay off a massive debt and thanked her followers for making her dreams come true.

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khloe karter onlyfans school teacherInstagram/khloetheaccountant

Khloe Karter was kicked out of school and banned from OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Banned Teacher Pays Off Debt With Spicy Clips Money

In a post thanking her followers for their support, Karter explained that she was able to free herself from debt, all thanks to her lifestyle choices.

“We were able to repay this morning two large credit cards under which we have been drowning for almost a year. I never thought this day would come,” she revealed. “I’m incredibly grateful to all of my followers on Fansly and Fanvue who made this dream a reality.”

Although she didn’t say how much money she paid, it should be noted that after she was initially fired, Karter revealed that she decided to produce the adult content because she was having a hard time. to pay his bills. According to Karter, she and her husband were not making enough money from their teaching jobs and needed extra money.

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Samantha Peer fired for OF videosTwitter

Samantha Peer has been fired after students caught her filming OnlyFans videos at school.

Karter’s adult videos aren’t the only ones paying the bills, either. After being banned from OnlyFans, the ex-teacher started selling clothes such as dirty socks and worn out underwear to thirsty fans.

So far, she has yet to face any charges or police investigation, despite engaging in adult acts in a classroom.

Nor is he the first bad teacher to go viral recently. Last week, it was revealed that a teacher had paid her former student $1,000 on OnlyFans after she claimed she was “not going anywhere in life”.

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