Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate Modder adds Castlevania’s Alucard as a playable character

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Modder adds Castlevania’s Alucard as a playable character

Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate Modder adds Castlevania’s Alucard as a playable character

A modder from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes fan-favorite Castlevania character Alucard a custom playable character in the game.

A modder from Super Smash Bros Ultimate adds the fan favorite member of the Castlevania games, Alucard, as a playable character. The list of Super Smash Bros Ultimate has representatives from not only Nintendo’s catalog of gaming history, but also several third-party representatives from companies such as Capcom, Sega, and Konami. One of the first revelations that blew a lot of people away during the pre-launch hype cycle of the game was Simon Belmont and others. Castlevania reps, which was a franchise many had hoped would be part of the game for a long time. One such character who was in the game but not as a playable character was Alucard.


Alucard made his first appearance in Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, where he is the companion of Trevor Belmont and the son of Dracula himself. Many players would familiarize themselves with the playable appearance of Alucard in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which solidified its presence among the cast and would influence the Metroidvania/action-research game genre as a whole. In the crossover however, he is one of Super Smash Bros UltimateHelp trophies, which fans think he would be better as a playable character. Modders thought the same, with one making Alucard a custom playable fighter.

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Although there have been efforts to port Alucard to existing characters like Marth or Sephiroth, this custom mod for Alucard intends to be based on Richter’s move. The mod is still a big work in progress, developed by C# or CSharp, where they first posted a rough gameplay trailer on their YouTube channel. It showed off Alucard’s unique moveset, with an extensive video showcase explaining in depth how it differs from the Belmonts.

Alucard’s playable appearance in this mod has many references to Castlevanialike his leap into the air turning his cape into a pair of batwings, or his back dodge being his signature backdash of symphony of the night. His main attacks involve either his sword or the use of his soul attacks, such as his Neutral-Special being Hellfire, which launches three fireballs in a straight direction, or his Up-Special turning Alucard into a bat.

His Down-Special retains Richter Belmont’s holy water, while his Side-Special functions like Ganondorf’s flame choke, though it also functions as a reference to Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. This Side-Special allows him to enter Dark Metamorphosis, which heals Alucard whenever he lands attacks with his sword. This dark shapeshift gives other buffs to his special attacks, like turning his Hellfire into Dark Inferno. According to CSharp, this Super Smash Bros Ultimate mod will be released in early access in February, with a public release later in the year. More details about the mod can be found on the mod’s GitHub page.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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Source: GameBanana, GitHub

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