Spellbreak players say goodbye to the game as servers shut down

Spellbreak players say goodbye to the game as servers shut down

Spellbreak players say goodbye to the game as servers shut down

As servers shut down for fantasy battle royale Spellbreak, a group of fans bid farewell to the magic-filled game.

fans of spell break recently reunited to bid farewell to the game as its servers were shut down. spell break was a fantasy battle royale where players cast spells instead of bullets. Now, just a few years into its lifespan, the game is gone for good.

Released in 2020, Spellbreak received positive reviews, with its magical twist on the formula allowing for a fair amount of player experimentation. spell break allowed players to combine magic to deadly effect, and that, along with its solid execution of battle royale mechanics, helped the game stand out. Unfortunately, last June, developer Proletariat announced that the game was coming to an end. Despite critical acclaim and inventive gameplay, spell break had a fairly low player count, and while it wasn’t stated at the time of the announcement, it was likely the biggest factor in the decision.


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In the wake of the announcement, reports surfaced that Blizzard was going to acquire Proletariat. Now, several months after the deal was said and done, spell break had his last callback. To celebrate/mourn the final moments of the game, Twitch streamer IXITimmyIXI gathered a collection of subscribers and other streamers to play some pacifist matches. For the final hour of the game’s life, players danced, chatted, and cast spells without malice, all in the spirit of a fond farewell. IXITimmyIXI also shared a brief snippet of the final moments of the final match, when the “Spellstorm”, spell breakversion of “Toxic Storm” from fortnite, get closer to the players.

In the clip, IXITimmyIXI’s avatar can be seen in the center of the screen using a joy emote as other players gather around him, all decked out in a wide variety of skins, creating a cast colored with characters. The impending spellstorm is visible in the background, but the gathered players pay little attention to it as they cast as many spells as possible in a cataclysmic conflagration of magic. All in all, a fitting start for spell break.

Although this is the end of the game in the official sense, IXITimmyIXI mentions a spell break community server throughout full archived broadcast of the stream. He heard encouraging fans to gather in the community Discord. He also appeals to fans who want to help with development and those with legal experience in such situations, as he and other developers don’t know how to legally navigate such an endeavor. Whatever the outcome, it’s good to know that the game could continue to have a life within the community, especially since Blizzard has reassigned the developers from Proletariat, meaning the creators behind the game are now scattered.

After shutdown, players who don’t check out the community server will still have their pick of great battle royale games to turn to. Although it’s unlikely that any of them have anything similar to spell breakThe unique magic infusion of .

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