Singer, hotelier, travel blogger among the dead

Singer, hotelier, travel blogger among the dead

Singer, hotelier, travel blogger among the dead

  • At least 68 people died Sunday in a plane crash near Pokhara, Nepal.
  • Among the victims are a Nepalese folk singer, an Argentinian hotelier and a Russian travel blogger.
  • Some of them posted messages on social media less than an hour before the fatal accident.

At least 68 passengers died in a plane crash in central Nepal on Sunday, and information is beginning to emerge about who they were.

The flight, operated by Nepalese airline Yeti Airlines, crashed near Pokhara airport around 10:50 a.m., Reuters reported. It was only supposed to last 30 minutes.

Four crew members and 68 passengers were on board the ATR 72 plane. Among the dead were a Nepali folk singer, a Russian travel blogger and an Argentinian hotelier.

Nepalese folk singer Nira Chhantyal

Nira Chhantyal, the folk singer, was traveling to Pokhara to perform at an event on Monday, according to her Facebook page.

She had 125,100 followers on Tiktok, where she posted videos of herself singing, dancing and syncing to songs in Nepali.

She posted a Facebook greeting for the Nepalese festival of Maghe Sankranti on Sunday, less than an hour before the accident.

On Saturday, Chhantyal posted a series of photos of herself singing and posing at a community event in Kathmandu. “Now we enjoy Pokhara tomorrow,” she wrote.

Russian travel blogger Elena Banduro

Elena Banduro, a 33-year-old travel blogger, posted a selfie of herself on a plane with the caption: “Go to Nepal!” before the plane crashed, according to British news site Metro.

She worked as a social media manager for a software company, according to her Facebook page. She has documented her travels to Russia, Europe and Asia on her Instagram page and blog.

Banduro was one of four Russians in the crash. Russian Ambassador to Nepal Alexei Novikov confirmed that the four Russians were dead, according to the official TASS news agency.

Argentinian hotelier Jannet Palavecino

Jannet Palavecino was the manager of the Suizo hotel in Neuquén, according to her Facebook page. Her page described her as a lover of cycling, mountains, gardening and painting.

Palavecino was 57, according to Argentine newspaper Clarin.

The governor of the province of Neuquén, Omar Gutierrez, tweeted his condolences for Palavecino’s passing on Sunday. “You will be missed and will always be in our memory,” he wrote.

Local Neuquén football club Atletico Pacifico wrote on Facebook that Palavecino was the sister of its former president, Omar Palavecino.

“From the Football Sub-Committee, we send our condolences to Omar and his family and stand with them at this difficult time,” the club wrote.

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