Sean Payton responds to speculation about joining forces with Tom Brady in 2023

Sean Payton responds to speculation about joining forces with Tom Brady in 2023

Sean Payton responds to speculation about joining forces with Tom Brady in 2023

Sean Payton sees a scenario where he and Tom Brady are co-workers, but not as coach and quarterback.

It’s long been rumored that the Saints’ former Super Bowl-winning coach and seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback could join forces in 2023 after would have almost teamed up with Miami in 2022. Payton ultimately stayed out of practice last season, while Brady and the Buccaneers overcame a slow start to win their second consecutive division crown.

“There are too many variables in this equation”, payton said NFL Network’s Peter Schrager when asked if Brady would be his quarterback during his next coaching stop. “If we worked together…I’m going to predict that there’s a good chance that if we work together it will be with Fox.”

Payton was hinting at Brady’s deal to become Fox’s senior analyst after his playing career ended. Brady, however, has yet to give any indication that he plans to retire after this season. Some have assumed, based on Brady’s previously stated goal of playing at 45, that he will retire after the season given that he has reached that milestone.

Although it wasn’t his best season, Brady continued to perform at a high level. He enters this weekend as the NFL leader in completions and attempts. He’s 390 yards off his second consecutive 5,000-yard season. Brady’s 66.6 completion percentage this season is 2.3% higher than his career average.

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Payton, who currently works with Fox Sports, hasn’t ruled out a return to coaching since stepping down as Saints coach last offseason. Payton, who hails from and currently resides in Los Angeles, would be would have preferred to coach one of the Hollywood-based teams: the Rams or the Chargers.

Brady would be considering all his options for next season. While that could include a fourth season in Tampa, many assume Brady will play elsewhere if he returns for a 24th season. The 49ers, Brady’s childhood team, were a popular choice when future Brady landing spots are discussed.

Although they have never worked together, Brady and Payton know each other very well. The two first met during Brady’s rookie season when Payton was the Giants’ offensive coordinator when New York reached Super Bowl XXXV. The two have stayed in touch over the years.

Both men have had careers that will surely land them both in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Brady is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback — and perhaps the greatest player — in NFL history. Payton, meanwhile, won 161 games during his 15-year career in New Orleans, including winning the franchise’s first Super Bowl at the end of the 2009 season.

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