Sardar VM Singh Announced to Ties with protest

Sardar Vm singh farmer leaders also are angry with the violence unfold within the name of tractor parade of farmers in Delhi.

Sardar Vm singh

Farmer leader sardar VM Singh proclaimed that the movement was happening the incorrect track and to interrupt faraway from it.
In the name of tractor parade, when the violence unfold on twenty six Jan in Delhi, wherever the central government has started strict action. At an equivalent time, farmers organizations have return on the backfoot. 2 organizations, together with farmer leader sardar VM Singh, were hurt by the violence and proclaimed to withdraw the movement from Wednesday.

What sardar VM Singh says on 26 jan delhi violence?

“Strict action ought to be taken against people who unfold violence”

VM Singh

Farmer leader VM Singh same that he was deeply hurt by the violence on Jan twenty six. Singh said, ‘India’s flag, dignity and dignity belong to everybody. If that dignity has been desecrated, the violators square measure wrong and people UN agency allowed to dissolve also are wrong. A fellow in ITO was conjointly martyred. Whole action ought to be taken against UN agencyever took him or who instigated him.
‘We failed to return to martyr our comrades’
Expressing his chafe with Rakesh Tikait, he said, ‘We cannot pursue a protest with somebody (Rakesh Tikait) whose direction is totally different. we’ve got not return here to martyr or beat our individuals. that’s why the Rashtriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan (RKMS) is separating itself from this movement.

Who is Rakesh Tikait?

Questioning the operating form of Rakesh Tikait, VM Singh (VM Singh) same that he was perpetually concerned within the delegation of farmers UN agency interacted with the govt. Despite this, did he raise the problem of sugarcane farmers of UP or paddy growing farmers even once. we have a tendency to still support from here and still be another leader there, this can be not the proper factor to try to to.

What happened with kisan now?

Kisan agitation currently goes on wrong track, VM Singh same that we have a tendency to had brought here the demand to induce the farmers full rate of sugarcane, wheat-paddy and to implement the MSP in writing. however currently the movement has gone on the incorrect track. In such a state of affairs, this movement will not achieve success. Therefore, his organization is distancing itself from this protest.
Government is additionally liable for violence.

Sardar VM Singh says on Government for 26jan Farmer Violence

VM Singh demanded strict action against those instigating farmers for violence. conjointly control the govt liable for the violence. He said, ‘What was the govt doing once a batch was feat at eight o’clock rather than eleven o’clock. once the govt knew that some organizations have proclaimed to offer crores of rupees to the people that hoisted the flag on the Red Fort.