Samsung company to invest INR 4825 crore in India.

World-renowned mobile manufacturer Samsung has made a new announcement, stating that ” Samsung company is going to invest around Rs 4825 crore in India. ” With this investment, the company is going to set up its largest mobile display unit in Noida. Earlier this unit was in China, which is now being shifted to India.Read this post to get more information.

latest tech:Samsung company to invest INR 4825 crore
Company invest INR 4825 crore.

Mobile manufacturer company Samsung:

  1. Samsung is one of the world’s largest mobile manufacturer. Whose mobile users are spread all over the world.
  2. Apart from this, the company also produces a number of display parts for other mobile manufacturer companies.
  3. The company’s largest mobile display unit factory is located in China, which will now be moved to India.

How much will company invest in India:

  • According to the company, it is going to invest Rs 4825 crore. And with this investment, the company will set up the largest mobile display unit in the city of Noida. Meaning the company has a unit in China, it will be completely transferred to India.
  • After this, OLED displays will be manufactured in India too. In addition, OLED displays are manufactured in three more countries of the world.

Other information:

  1. Even before that, the Samsung company has set up its largest mobile manufacturing plant in India. And now the company is setting up its display manufacturing unit in India as well.
  2. In addition, the company makes more than 72% of the total displays used in electronics goods in countries such as China, South Korea and Vietnam.
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