Sainsbury’s signs deal with Just Eat food delivery app |  J.Sainsbury

Sainsbury’s signs deal with Just Eat food delivery app | J.Sainsbury

Sainsbury’s signs deal with Just Eat food delivery app |  J.Sainsbury

Sainsbury’s has joined the rush to provide near-instant home shopping by signing a deal with food delivery app Just Eat to offer fast delivery of groceries from 175 stores.

As part of the deal, outlets in London, Edinburgh and Bristol will provide the service from the end of February, offering a choice of 3,000 items delivered in less than 30 minutes. Sainsbury’s already offers its own Chop Chop fast delivery service and has partnerships with Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Siobhan McMullan-Finnegan-Dehn, Director of eCommerce at Sainsbury’s, said: “Just Eat will give customers another quick and convenient way to have Sainsbury’s groceries delivered to their doorstep. We’re always looking for new ways to make life easier for our customers and look forward to working with Just Eat.

The partnership follows Just Eat’s previous links with Asda and the Co-op to deliver groceries, while all three grocery chains already work with Deliveroo alongside Morrisons and Waitrose.

Just Eat also works with fast delivery service Getir, and former rival Gorillas has worked with Tesco, which also runs its own Whoosh fast service, and promises groceries within the hour. Morrisons, meanwhile, has teamed up with US fast delivery group Gopuff, which can deliver in less than half an hour.

Grocery delivery boomed during the pandemic when many were stuck at home, but has since seen consolidation as households aim to save money during the cost of living crisis by picking up goods themselves .

Sainsbury’s said its online grocery sales were down 10% over Christmas, while Tesco’s was down just under 1%. Pricier expedited delivery operators have suffered particularly, with Istanbul-based Getir finalizing the takeover of Berlin rival Gorillas last month. Weezy, Fancy and Dija – all fast-track startups operating in the UK – have also been taken over by bigger rivals.

However, a market still exists. Tesco said its Whoosh service saw a boom in demand during the Men’s World Cup as people ordered booze and snacks while watching matches.

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