Resident Evil Fan Recreates Barry Burton’s Samurai Edge Pistol

Resident Evil Fan Recreates Barry Burton’s Samurai Edge Pistol

Resident Evil Fan Recreates Barry Burton’s Samurai Edge Pistol

A huge fan of the Resident Evil series takes their fandom one step further by replicating Barry Burton’s custom Samurai Edge handgun.

A resident Evil fan apparently recreated STARS member Barry Burton’s signature weapon, the Samurai Edge. Although there have been no recent sightings of Barry in recent games (his last appearance being Resident Evil Revelations 2), his signature weapon remains a favorite of the gaming community.

Barry Burton and his signature Samurai Edge first appeared in the 1997 original resident Evil on the PlayStation as Barry’s personal weaponry. It also appears in the resident Evil HD Remake in which it was an unlockable item that could be accessed by beating the game on Normal or Hard difficulty in less than 5 hours. In this game, it has unlimited ammo and does not need to be reloaded, making it one of the strongest weapons next to the infinite rocket launcher also available in secret.


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Reddit user ParadoxicalAmalgam shared photos of his custom Samurai Edge pistol with a custom Kendo Gun Shop gun holster. While the weapon appears to be complete, the owner has stated that he wishes to have the slide engraved in the future. The post’s comments range from the usual praise to comedic responses stating “It works against the undead too, it might take more hits.” – an obvious reference to resident Evilthe zombies.


More images of the custom weapon can be found in the original post.

The Samurai Edge most recently appeared in Resident Evil Village (or at least a version of it). However, Barry’s is still the most unique because it’s based on a different gun model. Avid fans may know that Barry’s Special Handgun is based on a 96FS rather than the usual 92F from other releases. The creator also said that the trickiest part of making the game was the compensator, as well as finding the 96.

Fan art and customs like this are nothing new. However, while most resident Evil fans regularly cosplay for newer or more famous characters, references to older characters (or in this case older items) are rarely made. However, the Samurai Edge played a recurring role in resident Evil lore – becoming a signature weapon of the STARS team. With its association with another figure in the Resident Evil universe, Joseph Kendo, the gun has developed deeper roots than its first appearance. Therefore, Barry Burton’s model still retains that distinction of being the first version of the weapon to be seen in-game, and that’s why it will remain special in the history of the game. resident Evil franchise.

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