Resident Evil 5 fan reports issue with Chris and Sheva’s arsenal early in game

Resident Evil 5 fan reports issue with Chris and Sheva’s arsenal early in game

Resident Evil 5 fan reports issue with Chris and Sheva’s arsenal early in game

A Resident Evil 5 fan points out that there is something interesting about the way the protagonists are armed at the start of their adventure.

Capcom Fan resident evil 5 went online to point out that there’s something to be said for the scant gear given to the game’s protagonists, Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, at the very start of the game. resident Evilof the famous BSAA, many would think that Chris and Sheva would be outfitted with the best gear the organization has to offer.

Although there have been no announcements about new additions to the survival horror series since the launch of Resident Evil Village, the series’ online community is always bustling with activity and engagement. Many seem to enjoy getting artistic, creating fan art and even weapon remakes of iconic characters from the resident Evil Games. Others also find entertainment in discussions of lore or fan theories. This allows community members like this fan to share findings and opinions with other like-minded fans.


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On Reddit, user CrimsonClockwork20 shared a post of some of Chris and Sheva’s gear found in resident evil 5. In the caption, they pointed out that they “find it awkward” how the main characters end up with basic gear such as holsters, handguns and a knife, while the rest of the BSAA or Militia in game receives heavy weapons. like assault rifles. Of course, the development team had programmed this to happen as players are likely encouraged to progress through the game to get better weapons and items for the main characters.

CrimsonClockwork20’s post sparked a long discussion among fellow fans, with some pointing out that in Resident Evil 4, Leon Kennedy was sent to save Ashley Graham with only a handgun. Other fans commented on this, stating that Leon was probably only sent to investigate the kidnapping and not to wreak havoc on an already dangerous situation in the game. Others also mentioned that the same may be said for Chris and Sheva in resident evil 5where they were only supposed to check the situation and were not responsible for a full-fledged military operation.

It’s very interesting to see that after all these years fans are still invested in RE 5. Since no official news about a resident evil 5 remake has been shared by Capcom, fans will likely have to continue replaying the original game or its ports on other game consoles. Hopefully Capcom will also add the third-person shooter title into the development pipeline of its remasters in the future.

resident evil 5 is available on PC, PS4, PS3, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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