PS5 fan gives his console a great retro makeover

PS5 fan gives his console a great retro makeover

PS5 fan gives his console a great retro makeover

Sony has a rich history in the video game industry, and one fan drew inspiration from that history to give their PS5 console a nostalgia-fueled retro makeover.

One PS5 owner has found an interesting way to celebrate the hardware’s retro history. The impressive modification is enough to immediately make a person on the consoles rethink which had to come first for the PlayStation 5 to earn the “5” in its name.

The PS5 was released on November 12, 2020, and immediately proved nearly impossible to find in most stores. Just recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan was finally able to announce that the PS5 console shortage was officially over. However, this announcement was long in coming. Many gamers who have enjoyed games on Sony hardware over the past 2 years have done so by playing them on PlayStation 4.


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Over on the PlayStation subreddit, PS5 owner seymourbuttz214 posted an image of his PS5 with a black casing and the familiar PlayStation 2 logo featured in rainbow hues of red, yellow, and blue. The poster explained that they used a box of Plasti Dip to black out the white plates of the hardware, then added vinyl decals for some of the authentic detail. They’ve also upgraded the logo on the mostly white controller with the classic early PlayStation color scheme, though most of this accessory remains white. The love that seymourbuttz214 has lavished on the project suggests that they might agree with the suggestion that the PS2 could still be the golden age of PlayStation consoles.

A retro look for the PS5 is fitting, and it also looks like something Sony could do on its own. When the PS5 launched, the company included the Astro’s Playroom software as a free pack-in. Apart from introducing new features in the PS5 controller, Astro’s Playroom referenced past PlayStation games from all console generations, including the original PlayStation 2, God of the war (in one scene, bots are busy playing “Bot of War” on a TV screen). Players could also climb everywhere on oversized models of the old consoles in a sort of hangar.

After an unfortunate period where Sony struggled to understand why gamers might still enjoy spending time with its old games, the company has since found opportunities to turn that nostalgia into revenue. PlayStation Plus Premium offers many PS2 classics, ranging from established classics such as Wild Arms 3 and the classic Naughty Dog trilogy James games at less known prices such as Mermaid and monster war. Whole generations of gamers are old enough to remember spending countless enjoyable hours playing the brand-defining games that made PlayStation a household name. Gamers, parents, developers and fans are the company’s best hope as it looks to the future and strives to attract a new generation of gamers. Here’s hoping Sony will make it even easier for new fans to immerse themselves PlayStationrich history in the years to come.

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