Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s next big update is slated for late February

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s next big update is slated for late February

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s next big update is slated for late February

The next major update to open-world RPG Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is slated for “late February.”

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s next big update is slated for late February

A recent press release outlined the next major update release for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The software update is expected to arrive “late February,” which will include bug fixes and add features according to the press release. As for what’s in store right now, that’s unknown, but we might get an update a bit closer to the 1.2 release.

Over 1000 Pokemon

A new video is also posted on the official Pokemon YouTube channel that celebrates 26 years of the original Pokemon game as well as 1008 different encounters. That’s right, Pokemon games have now passed a thousand Pokemon. In recent entries, Pokemon Scarlet received the Pokemon Paradox, specifically Roaring Moon, Scream Tail, and Great Tusk. While Violet received the Iron Valiant, Iron Bundle, and Iron Treads versions. Of course, new starter Pokemon and their evolutions have also been introduced with the grass cat-type Sprigatito, the water duck-type Quaxley, and the adorable fire fang Pokemon Fuecoco. While their evolutions are questionable on cuteness, these new editions have added to the franchise’s whopping 1000+ Pokemon.

Variant 1.2

The game has continued to add more raids to participate in, with the most recent being 7-star raids with Charcadet, who will raid back this weekend. The mention of “additional functionality” could mean further improvement of the current game systems, hopefully this will provide a smoother experience overall.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the latest entries in the mainline games, released in November 2022. The game, despite its notable buggy performance on the Switch, has since won the hearts of trainers around the world. This latest update might fix some of the major issues plaguing the game, but fans are also curious if the title will receive other content such as DLC expansion like Pokemon Sword and Shield did. There’s also the addition of allowing players to transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Go, which is currently not supported in the Home app for Scarlet/Violet.

It was an interesting year for Pokemon last year, as the franchise saw two major games (three if you count the various Scarlet/Violet releases). Pokemon Legends Arceus was also released. Not quite an open world game, but there were open regions to roam and players traveled back in time to the Hisui region to compile one of the first Pokedex. Crafting it, exploring it, and even running away from dangerous Pokemon (lest you get knocked out and lose previous items), was a refreshing experience with its cel-shade art style. It also received a free content update called Daybreak.

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