Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Iron Valiant Background have a big mistake

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Iron Valiant Background have a big mistake

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Iron Valiant Background have a big mistake

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s backgrounds for Iron Valiant reveal that a mad scientist trying to create the perfect Psychic Type made a big mistake.

The background Pokemon scarlet and violet provided for Iron Valiant has a big mistake. What Pokemon scarlet and violet written for Iron Valiant’s origin is strikingly similar to the story of Mewtwo, an artificial Pokemon created to be the ultimate psychic. But there’s a gap between Iron Valiant and what its origin suggests. Mistakes were made, but it is difficult to say whether the error was on the part of Pokemon scarlet and violet or the mad scientist who created Iron Valiant.


Iron Valiant is a very offensive Generation 9 Pokemon. As a paradoxical Pokémon, its Fairy/Fighting type has an advantage over Dark, Normal, Ice, Rock, Fighting, Dragon’, and Steel. Besides being super effective against seven types and resistant to many more, Iron Valiant’s stats make it a powerful and aggressive Pokémon. that strikes hard and fast, true to its tradition as a fighting machine. His highest stats are Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. Players can find Iron Valiant in Area Zero after defeating all four elites and becoming Champion Rank.

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The background Pokemon scarlet and purple written for Iron Valiant, described as information taken from a suspicious magazine, theorizes that this Pokémon is not alive at all, but a robot. The robot was created by a mad scientist whose goal was to create the most powerful psychic Pokémon. If so, then it’s a big mistake that Iron Valiant’s type is Fairy/Fighting and not Psychic. The mad scientist attempted to create the most powerful Psychic by combining the Psychic/Fighting-type Gallade with a Gardevoir, a Psychic/Fairy-type. The scientist’s big mistake was that he accidentally created a powerful hybrid of the secondary types of Pokémon.


Iron Valiant has the hair and robe of Gardevoir, and the horn and arm blades of Gallade, and he has no mercy either. With how ruthless and powerful he is portrayed, Iron Valiant could have turned on his creator as Mewtwo, as a final ironic twist after the Mad Doctor failed to create the psychic-type he so desperately desired. Although the scientist didn’t create the most powerful psychic, he did create a truly menacing Pokemon.

At first glance, when reading the background, it seems that the people writing made a mistake and the type of Iron Valiant was supposed to be psychic, or the scientist should have tried to create a type fairy/fight. But Iron Valiant being a failed experiment that’s now on the loose and attacking everything it sees is all in flavor and makes for an interesting Frankenstein story in Pokemon scarlet and violet.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

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