Pokemon GO Reveals Community Day Pokemon for February 2023

Pokemon GO Reveals Community Day Pokemon for February 2023

Pokemon GO Reveals Community Day Pokemon for February 2023

The Pokemon Company and Niantic reveal the featured Pokemon for the scheduled February 2023 Community Day event in Pokemon GO.

Pokémon of February 2023 Pokemon GO Community Day has already been picked up by The Pokemon Company and Niantic, and it’s none other than Noibat. The next Pokemon GO The Community Day event will shine the spotlight on Flying/Dragon-type Pokémon with increased rewards for a limited time.

Each month, Pokemon GO Community Day features a popular Pokemon with improved spawn rates and an exclusive Charged Attack move for their final evolution. Additionally, players have a higher chance of encountering a Shiny variant of the selected Pokémon during the monthly Community Day event. During the event period, several bonuses are active, including increased Stardust rewards, capture XP rewards, and Lure Mod effectiveness. As a result, Community Day is one of the most active events to take place in Pokemon GO each month, players are therefore encouraged to participate for additional rewards and Shiny Pokemon.


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Niantic has revealed that Noibat and its evolution, Noivern, have been selected as the featured Pokémon for February 2023. Pokemon GO Community Day event starting February 5 from 2-5 p.m. local time. Noibat will spawn more frequently for the duration of the 3-hour event, and the Abundant Noise Special Research item will be available for $1. Pokemon GO Players who purchase and use the Abundant Noise item will see Noibat spawn even more often due to a further increase in spawn rate. Noibats that evolve into Noivern on February 5 will learn the Boomburst special charged attack as an added bonus for participating in Community Day.

Pokemon GO February 2023 Noibat Community Day

Luckily, players will still be able to catch Noibat after the initial 3-hour event ends. From 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time, Bonus Battle Raids allow Pokemon GO players to battle Noibats and increase Pokémon spawn rates upon winning raids. Each victory increases Noibat encounters for 30 minutes, so free-to-play Pokemon GO players are encouraged to hold Raid Battles on Community Day.

Previously, Pokemon GO The January 2023 Community Day event featured Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokémon. Before the start of Community Day on February 5, Pokemon GO will host the Community Day Classic event on January 21 with Larvitar. The first month of 2023 is already shaping up to be busy for Pokemon GO players around the world.

Pokemon GO continues to be a popular game in 2023 with major in-game events scheduled throughout the year. Those looking to travel with their Pokemon can look forward to the two-day Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event in Las Vegas, Nevada next month. The event will take place on February 18 and 19 with tickets starting at $30 in the official store Pokemon GO website.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS.

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