Pokemon Fan Points Out Strange Similarity Between New Anime Protagonist And Orbeetle

Pokemon Fan Points Out Strange Similarity Between New Anime Protagonist And Orbeetle

Pokemon Fan Points Out Strange Similarity Between New Anime Protagonist And Orbeetle

An eagle-eyed Pokemon fan points out an interesting similarity between the new incoming anime protagonist and the Bug/Psychic-type Orbeetle.

An eagle’s eye Pokemon fan noticed an interesting similarity between the new incoming protagonist of the Pokemon enemy and the Bug/Psychic-type Orbeetle. Although the two characters are obviously very different in physical appearance, they share an almost identical characteristic, although said characteristic is used in entirely different ways.

For those who don’t know, Pokemon recently announced that it will soon be ending Ash and Pikachu’s journey after 25 years. A video posted by the official Pokemon The Twitter account said there will be 11 new episodes featuring Ash and Pikachu to conclude their journey, while an all-new protagonist will begin theirs later this year.


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Although there hasn’t really been a lot of media coverage regarding the new character taking the Pokemon torch of the anime series, save for the widely publicized static shot, one watchful fan has already noticed something in particular. On one of the main Pokemon subreddits, user u/Rique1100mm points out that the new protagonist – named Liko – has a feature that matches Orbeetle perfectly. In the image, fans will notice what looks like some sort of green hair clip. u/Rique1100mm points out that this hair clip is exactly the same shape as Orbeetle’s eyebrow-like antennae, only reoriented.


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While the person who originally penned the post offers no theories as to what – if anything – this similarity might mean, fans have filled the comments section with plenty of their own theories, including Orbeetle being one of main Pokémon of the protagonist, or that it will somehow play a vital role in Liko’s journey. Others find the similarity too obscure to be anything more than coincidence, but the main theory is that the clip actually pays homage to Ash’s original hat – and therefore potentially reveals that the new character is really Ash’s daughter. Ash.

Although the similarity is quite obscure, other fans have recently pointed out much more overt similarities, namely the similarities between Bellibolt and Chansey. The first is part of the ninth generation introduced in Pokemon scarlet and violet, though many fans were quick to point out that Bellibolt basically looks like a revamped Chansey, sporting an extremely similar body type and face. While the comparison of similarity between Bellibolt and Chansey is much more justified than that between the Pokemon protagonist and Orbeetle, Pokemon should be wary of reusing design elements.

While the details of new arrivals Liko (and fellow protagonist Roy) remain a mystery, the journey of the Pokemon The anime series’ new main characters will almost certainly take place in Paldea, creating an exciting prospect full of new Pokemon adventures.

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