Pokemon Fan Imagines What Dragonite Would Look Like If It Looked Like Dragonair

Pokemon Fan Imagines What Dragonite Would Look Like If It Looked Like Dragonair

Pokemon Fan Imagines What Dragonite Would Look Like If It Looked Like Dragonair

A Pokemon player shares his concept of what he thinks Dragonite would look like if it had more features from its pre-evolution.

A Pokemon fan pitched his idea of ​​what Dragonite would look like if he looked more like Dragonair. Some evolutionary lines in Nintendo’s RPG series may leave players scratching their heads as they try to figure out how the creatures connect. Some Pokemon evolutions don’t make much sense, leading to some confusion in the playerbase.

One of these confusing evolutionary lines belongs to the Pokemon Dratini. Dratini closely resembles his next form, Dragonair, but then takes on a huge style change when he becomes Dragonite. A player imagined what the pseudo-legendary Dragon-Type would look like if it looked more like its predecessors.


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A Redditor named kaltzer posted artwork of a Dragonite that looks much more like Dragonair than it does in the games. The main difference that can be seen is that the pseudo-legendary Pokémon has changed from orange to blue. The user’s design adds the pearls and white horn seen on Dragonair, as well as the small wings that are on the sides of his head. Kaltzer also modified Dragonite’s wings, transforming them to be larger and composed of white and green feathers. The concept that the artist came up with looks great and makes more sense for the Dratini evolutionary line than what you actually see in games.

A number of Redditors appreciate kaltzer’s work, with a number of them calling it beautiful. The piece has many players coming up with their own “what if” ideas for a number of other pocket monsters, which includes wondering what it would be like if Pokémon such as Mimikyu or Seviper each had their own evolutions. One commenter said he personally prefers orange over Dragonite and suggested trying to color Dratini and Dragonair orange to match the pocket monster. Kaltzer’s work is a good alternative for Dragonite and would be good as a regional variant in the future Pokemon securities.

Dragonite isn’t the only Pokémon that Kaltzer has created an alternate version for. The artist also imagined what Sharpedo would look like if he were much longer, helping him look much more like a real shark. They’ve also come up with custom typings for a number of pocket monsters, including a Water/Dragon-type Swampert and Ghost/Ice Luxray. The ideas proposed by Kaltzer are interesting and could be integrated as downloadable content for Pokemon scarlet and violet. Designing alternate appearances and shapes for pocket monsters in this way presents a number of ideas that could work for Game Freak titles and give older Pokemon a breath of fresh air.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

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