Pokemon Fan Art Shows What the Upside Down Flutter Mane and Misdreavus Would Look Like

Pokemon Fan Art Shows What the Upside Down Flutter Mane and Misdreavus Would Look Like

Pokemon Fan Art Shows What the Upside Down Flutter Mane and Misdreavus Would Look Like

A Pokémon player knocks down Misdreavus and Flutter Mane, giving a new perspective on the two Ghost-type pocket monsters.

A Pokemon Fan upset Misdreavus and Flutter Mane, giving players a fresh take on the two pocket monsters. As the RPG franchise continued, players were offered new looks at their favorite creatures as new sprites and artwork were released. As games transitioned to a 3D perspective, Pokemon fans got a never-before-seen view of the show’s world.

One of the first pocket monsters to be introduced in the series was the Pokemon Misdreavus. The Ghost-Type was created in the second generation of the franchise and later given the Paradox form of Flutter Mane. A player took the two Pokemon and reversed them, giving players a new look at the creatures.


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A Redditor known as Aheradin has upended the official artwork of Misdreavus and Flutter Mane. The inversion makes both Pokemon look like they have flowing mustaches and beards, as well as hair tied back with beads. Flutter Mane looks like a dark version of the Fairy-Type Togekiss, with the spikes that are now on his belly giving off a sinister vibe. The new perspective of the two creatures helps transform them into something players have never seen before and gives a fresh take on a Pokemon that has been around for quite some time.

Pokemon fans enjoyed Aheradin’s images of Misdreavus and Flutter Mane, and have so far taken the post to over 15,000 upvotes. One commenter said the upside-down Misdreavus looked like an AI that tried to create a ghost-like Stoutland, while another mentioned the same about Flutter Mane and Togekiss. One user thought the Ghost-Type looked like a male version of himself because of the mustache, while he thought the Pokemon Paradox looked like a fish. Aheradin’s perspective change for Misdreavus and Flutter Mane gave players a fun new way to look at pocket monsters with a very simple positioning change.

Like the generations of Pokemon series have passed, players have seen older pocket monsters in ways that weren’t featured in older titles in the franchise. Players were initially given a few sprites for each creature, but gained new views of them as the games graphics improved. Now, RPG fans are getting full 3D models of each Pokemon, showing off aspects that wouldn’t have been seen at the start of the series. Aheradin also gave players a new way of looking at things, but through a very simple method that brought more change than most players would have imagined.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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