Overwatch 2 Lobbies Cooperate For “Ridiculous” Challenges Battle For Olympus

Overwatch 2 Lobbies Cooperate For “Ridiculous” Challenges Battle For Olympus

Overwatch 2 Lobbies Cooperate For “Ridiculous” Challenges Battle For Olympus

Even the gods are not powerful enough to meet these challenges on their own.

Overwatch 2 definitely has its issues. Sometimes heroes are so out of balance or broken that they need to be removed from the game to be repaired. at other times, in-game rewards come in too slowly to get the skin you really want. All of this is compounded by the fact that the game’s challenges are obviously difficult to complete. These challenges are sometimes so difficult that they are impossible to complete even if they are imbued with divine powers.

The power of Zeus, Athena, or Ares is also not enough to complete some of the challenges. The challenges introduced in Overwatch 2’s latest event, Battle for Olympus, are so difficult that players have started working together to farm them. In an unprecedented event in Greek mythology, the gods – or divine heroes in this case – have begun to cooperate in certain lobbies to ensure that everyone can complete some of the challenges.


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As seen in a Reddit video shared by HuggyOnline, Lucio mows down an entire enemy team just lining up for him. “Everyone agreed to farm Olympus’ ridiculous challenges,” the post reads. At first glance, the lobby was trying to pull off some sort of multi-kill challenge or absurdly high kill count.

The comments section, while impressed, seemed to know all too well that Blizzard wouldn’t want players to work their way through these ridiculous challenges. The top comment said, “I can see farmer groups happening and Blizzard turning it off somehow.”

However, other comments have shared alternative methods to help with farming. “Remember that self-kills (like jumping off the map) take one off your score. So everyone can farm for the entire 10 minutes if you all work together and jump off the map when [you] need,” one comment said.

Some even remembered the selfless players encountered in previous events, who helped with challenges. “For the ‘Thaw 15 allies in Freezethaw Elimination’ challenge of the Winter Wonderland event, a random Pharah joined my team and kept blowing herself up so we could thaw her. I always think about the generosity of this person,” another comment read.

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