Overwatch 2 Announces New Legendary Twitch Drops to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Overwatch 2 Announces New Legendary Twitch Drops to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Overwatch 2 Announces New Legendary Twitch Drops to Celebrate Lunar New Year

With the Lunar New Year event for Overwatch 2 fast approaching, Blizzard is revealing the latest set of Twitch Legendary drops for the game.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year in Monitor 2, Blizzard has announced that new Twitch Legendary drops are available. These latest drops allow players to earn themed cosmetics by looking at some of their favorites Monitor 2 streamers on Twitch.

After the start of the new year, Monitor 2 prepares to launch its latest event which will celebrate the Lunar New Year: the Year of the Rabbit. This should come as no surprise since Blizzard has held an annual Lunar New Year in-game event for players to experience. Like previous years, this edition of the Seasonal Update will bring themed skins and other cosmetics. While players should have the chance to grab more skins during the festivities, these upcoming Twitch drops are giving players another way to earn in-game loot.


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The next batch of Legendary Twitch drops for Monitor 2 was announced in a post from the official Overwatch Twitter account. According to the developer, players can earn Lunar New Year-themed cosmetics by logging in to watch drop-enabled Twitch channels between January 11 and January 25. These cosmetics include Moira’s Lion Roars Victory Pose, unlocked after watching two hours, and Moira’s Mask Dancer Legendary Skin, earned by watching four hours of Twitch content. With the drops now live, players can start racking up hours with a Battle.net linked account to claim the cosmetics.

Interestingly, the start of these Twitch drops does not coincide with the release of the Lunar New Year update for Monitor 2. While players can start watching Twitch streams to unlock Moria cosmetics, the event doesn’t begin until January 17, according to an image from Blizzard’s Season 2 roadmap. Monitor 2. Additionally, players can only earn the Moria-specific Twitch drops until January 25, while the Lunar New Year festivities are set to continue until February 6.

These Lunar New Year 2023 Twitch drops are just the latest round of cosmetics that Monitor 2 fans can receive by watching Twitch streamers. Since the sequel’s release last October, Blizzard has held a number of Twitch drop events, allowing players to collect items to use in-game. In fact, the developer even offered drops during the beta. from 2022.

Time will tell if fans react favorably to this latest round of Twitch drops, as some continue to criticize the way skins are earned in Monitor 2. Although Blizzard has been making changes to the in-game store over the past few months, some players believe there’s still a lot to do. Hopefully this upcoming Lunar New Year event will be a hit with fans.

Monitor 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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