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On Wednesday, Kelly Kramer, former CFO of Cisco Company, joined the board of Coinbase Company. It is a digital currency exchange company which has recently added a new member to its company’s board. Read this post to get more information about it.

cryptocurrency exchange: Coinbase
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinbase Company:

  1. Coinbase is an American company that operates as a digital currency exchange. This company mainly provides facilities like cryptocurrency for its customers.
  2. The company was founded in 2012, about 8 years ago. And the company serves 32 countries.
  3. The company provides a broker service that helps its customers exchange cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and other currencies.
  4. Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam are founders of the company, which founded the company in 2012.
  5. Fred Ehram was a former Goldman Sachs trader. And Brian Armstrong was a former Airbnb engineer.
  6. Through this company, any digital currency exchange user can exchange bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
  7. And the company has increased the number of one more member on its board on 16 December.

Kelly Kramer:

  • Kelly Kramer has been the former CFO of the Cisco company. And on Wednesday, Kelly was added as a new member to the company’s board.
  • Prior to this, Kramer has also been Cisco’s ex-CFO. Cisco is an information technology company that manufactures networking software and networking hardware.

Other information about Coinbase:

  1. This company mainly facilitates the exchange of Crypto currency. And based on trading volume, this company is one of the largest companies in America.
  2. This company mainly provides the facility to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and other digital currencies.
  3. Apart from this, the company also provides services for wallets, ventures and other products.

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