Odell Beckham Jr calls passenger ‘fat, ugly’ in body camera footage of flight incident

Odell Beckham Jr calls passenger ‘fat, ugly’ in body camera footage of flight incident

Odell Beckham Jr calls passenger ‘fat, ugly’ in body camera footage of flight incident

Odell Beckham Jr called a passenger “fat” and “ugly,” new police body camera footage of him being removed from a plane November 27 during Miami International Airport shows.

The free agent wide receiver is seen in the footage verbally abusing another passenger. Footage also shows flight attendants recalling how he seemed unresponsive and not wearing pants when they tried to get him to put on his seatbelt.

The footage was released this week by the Miami-Dade Police Department. The footage begins by showing police entering the American Airlines flight and walking to where the footballer was seated in first class as other passengers look on.

An officer asked Mr. Beckham, “Sir, are you able to get up?” Can you stand up, please? Are you OK?”

Mr Beckham wakes up startled and seemingly confused, saying he was ‘probably in a deep sleep’ as police tell him why they are there.

He answers a few questions from the officers and the NFL player gets a nudge from law enforcement before the flight attendants argue he wasn’t wearing pants before the police arrived. Attendants also claim that Mr. Beckham was drunk.

“Do you know how many times we shook him to put his seat belt on?” an attendant tells police in the footage. “Many times, many people.”

“It’s a five hour flight, he shouldn’t be doing that,” adds another attendant, saying Mr Beckham said he had been out at nightclubs the night before.

‘He is tired,’ police said, but attendants and the captain pushed back, arguing that Mr Beckham should be removed from the plane, saying he was ‘belligerent and non-compliant’.

Mr. Beckham does not back down even after being questioned by the captain. Other passengers are to get off the plane as airport staff discuss the wide receiver.

“Can I get his signature?” one of them asks, according to The daily beast.

Mr. Beckham apologizes and confronts the passengers as they leave the plane.

“Just get off the plane,” says one passenger, joined by others who say the same.

“Fuck you,” said Mr. Beckham.

“It’s never happened to me,” he told one of the policemen. When offered, he refuses a seat on the next flight.

“We’re going to have to get everyone off this plane, and you’re still going to get off,” an officer told him.

“That’s good,” replies Mr. Beckham.

“You can watch me all you want,” he told passengers exiting the plane.

“Just get off the plane,” one said.

“There’s nothing you can say, ever,” said Mr. Beckham, leaning forward. “You have it all wrong with the world. Watch me step off a plane, for you. Never, never in my life would I get off the plane for you, especially for you. Maybe everyone, I’ll get off the plane. This shit means nothing to me. You’ll wait 40 minutes and I’ll fly home on a private plane. Yeah, with your big ass. Take your a** out of the plane for a second.

“Enjoy the cheese platter on the way home with your naughty a**,” he adds.

Odell Beckham Jr removed from flight

Later, Mr. Beckham is alone on the plane, on the phone.

“Then a white man will then look at me, saying, ‘Just get off the plane.’ B****, now you made it clear to me not to fucking get off the plane. You couldn’t even make that bullshit up,” he says.

Mr Beckham told police: ‘The white man, with the red shirt, don’t let me pass him by. That’s all I ask “.

“Don’t slip on it, bro,” the police said. Calming Mr Beckham, the police add that it comes from “a place of love”.

Applause and cheers greet Mr Beckham as he walks into the airport where passengers wait.

No charges have been filed following the incident, The daily beast Remarks.

“He was literally the last passenger to get off the plane,” business class passenger Carlos Guana told the outlet.

Daniel Davillier, Mr Beckham’s solicitor, said the incident was ‘unnecessary’, arguing it was caused by an ‘overzealous air hostess’.

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