NGOs furious that France is allegedly trying to deport Syrians to their country of origin

NGOs furious that France is allegedly trying to deport Syrians to their country of origin

NGOs furious that France is allegedly trying to deport Syrians to their country of origin

Several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) claimed that the French authorities had tried to deport two Syrian nationals to Syria, claiming that these attempts were illegal under international law.

The NGOs Amnesty International, La Cimade and Revivre denounced the authorities of two French regions who tried to contact the Syrian authorities in order to expel two Syrian nationals from France.

The Haute-Garonne prefecture and the Paris police prefecture both contacted the Syrian embassy in France last October, while official relations between France and Syria have been broken since March 2012, The world reports.

“Our organizations call on the government to clarify its position by reminding the prefectures of France’s international obligations, which absolutely prohibit the return of a person to a country where they risk death, torture and other ill-treatment”, have said the NGOs in a joint statement. .

The NGOs also allege that the two Syrians were not expelled from France solely because the Syrian embassy refused to grant them a laissez-passer – a temporary travel document that would allow them to enter the country.

The French Interior Ministry denied NGO allegations about deportations to Syria, but added that “it is sometimes necessary to request, via consular contacts, the Syrian authorities to verify the Syrian nationality of a foreigner. in an irregular situation who claims it”.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said last year that while he wanted to increase the number of deportations of illegal immigrants, he was open to a tolerated status for migrants from Syria and Afghanistan, France having no no official diplomatic ties with Syrian President Bashar Assad or the Taliban.

Darmanin has vowed to introduce new immigration reforms this year after saying last July that he wanted to deport all immigrants convicted of serious crimes, regardless of their status in France.

The interior minister has proposed several new measures to crack down on people with deportation orders, including putting them on France’s wanted criminals list and cutting off their access to social benefits.

However, the actual record of deportations in France has been poor under President Emmanuel Macron, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, when less than 10% of deportations have actually been carried out.

The French public also expressed a distinct lack of confidence in the Macron government on the issue of immigration, with a poll published in November showing that 77% of the French public believed that Macron did not control immigration, including a majority Macron supporters. .

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