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Sarah Raheem, the wife of famous New Zealand cricketer Kane Williamson, has given birth to a newborn baby girl. And Williamson has also become a father. He shared pictures of himself and his daughter on social media, which became quite viral. And people have also congratulated him on this happy occasion. Read this post in full for more information.

Kane Williamson: New Zealand cricketer
Kane Williamson

New Zealand cricketer Kane Williamson:

  1. Kane Williamson is a well-known New Zealand cricketer. Who is mainly known for his batting.
  2. New Zealand was the runner-up in the World Cup, which was held in 2019. And in the 2019 World Cup, Kane was the captain of the New Zealand cricket team.
  3. Williamson’s wife’s name is Sarah Raheem. Who is a nurse by profession. Williamson wife Sarah recently gave birth to a baby girl.
  4. And when Williamson shared photos of himself and his daughter on social media, people congratulated him. And the picture of him and his daughter has also become quite viral on social media.

World Cup 2019:

  • Many teams participated in the 2019 World Cup. And its final match was played between New Zealand and England.
  • And England’s cricket team won the 2019 World Cup. And the New Zealand team was the runner-up in this match. And Kane Williamson was the captain of the New Zealand cricket team in this World Cup.

Other information about Kane Williamson:

Birthday:8 August 1990.
Birthplace:Tauranga, New Zealand.
Full Name:Kane Stuart Williamson.
Main Role: Batsman.
New Zealand cricketer Williamson

Kane Williamson has taken some time off from his test debut just a few days ago. And he took this leave when his wife Sarah gave birth to a daughter. And before taking a leave from the Test match, Kane scored two centuries against the West Indies cricket team.

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