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NASA Mars Rover Perseverance will land on Mars late Thursday to search for life, this will be NASA’s most challenging mission on Mars so far.
Which according to India time between 2:00 to 3:00 in the night will land on the most dangerous surface of Mars “Jaziro Crater” NASA claimed that “there used to be water on this surface”

NASA Mars Rover

What is NASA Mars rover mission?

  1. Percussion Mars Rover and Engineer Helicopter will work to make oxygen from carbon dioxide on Mars.
  2. These will collect information about signs of life under the ground of Mars and discovery of water and minerals under the surface.
  3. The Mars Environment Dynamics Analyzer will explore the weather and climate of Mars.
  4. And in addition to this, the most important will look for life and bring samples of rocks.

When will Nasa Mars rover land on Mars

According to Indian time, it will be landing on Jaziro crater, the most dangerous surface of Mars between 2:00 to 3:00 on Thursday night.

Perseverance Mars Rover?

  • This rover is NASA’s fourth-generation fifth rover, and the largest rover ever sent to Mars.
  • The rover weighs 1000 kg, and will run with nuclear power.
  • Platinum is being used as fuel in this rover, which will be done for the first time in a rover.
  • This rover will work on Mars for 10 years and has a 7-foot robotic arm and 28 cameras and a drill machine.
  • And it is also accompanied by an engine helicopter weighing 2 kg which will help in aerial surveillance.

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