Missing Link begins revealing gameplay details and closed beta events

Missing Link begins revealing gameplay details and closed beta events

Missing Link begins revealing gameplay details and closed beta events

Upcoming mobile title Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is starting to reveal more gameplay details and events for its exclusive closed beta.

The next mobile title from Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts: missing link, recently took to social media to reveal new gameplay and an event schedule for its highly exclusive closed beta test. Fans only received teasers of the game’s features when it was revealed during the 20th anniversary stream of Kingdom Hearts in 2022, and now the fanbase has more information about the mobile installment of the JRPG series.

Just a few weeks after the announcement of Kingdom Hearts: missing link, Square Enix also shared that a closed beta test for the mobile title was coming last fall 2022. However, it wasn’t until mid-December 2022 that calls for applications went out in Japan. The application period closed at the end of December and the Kingdom Hearts: missing link closed beta starts sharing online to wait for experience. Since the tests are exclusive to people living in Japan, it’s a great way for the game to build hype for Western fans who don’t have access to the closed beta.


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On the official Japanese Twitter account of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Roadthe team shared several posts that provided more details on the Missing link closed beta test. The testers who were chosen to participate have been reminded to keep most of the game’s content secret. However, the developers also talked about new gameplay details for Kingdom Hearts: missing link. This includes the two ways players can move their characters around the game based on their preferences as well as a schedule of events they can expect to play during the testing period.

According to social media posts, players can choose between “GPS” or “Pad” movement when playing the game. Choosing GPS means that players will have to move physically to move their character, much like the movement of Niantic. Pokemon GOwhile the other method allows for character mobility using a virtual pad in the game’s UI. The development team also shared a range of closed beta testing events in January 2023, which includes area bosses and raid battles with recognizable characters. Kingdom Hearts monsters and enemies.

Although there is no news on when Kingdom Hearts: missing link will be released, seeing more information about the mobile title will likely give the fan base an idea of ​​where the development is headed. Hopefully the closed beta test goes well, and Square Enix will also give Western fans a chance to test out the upcoming video game.

Kingdom Hearts: missing link is in development for mobile devices.

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