Massive failure of Apple’s MacBook Pro

Massive failure of Apple’s MacBook Pro

Massive failure of Apple’s MacBook Pro

It’s not a good time to buy a MacBook Pro. Apple, normally trustworthy and dependable, has forced business macOS laptops into a state of flux, disrupting its own market. What happened to Tim Cook’s flagship line-up?

Where are the next-gen MacBook Pro laptops? The community has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of M2 Pro and M2 Max equipped laptops in the last quarter of 2022. Apple did not launch a new Mac in the last quarter of the year, the first time that he hasn’t reached that milestone in more than two decades.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro, as noted earlier, is little more than a MacBook Air with an entry-level processor supported by an active cooling fan for a bit more performance. For many, myself included, it’s not what you’d expect from a pro-level MacBook Pro.

The non-arrival in 2022 is compounded by reports of even bigger delays in 2023, with laptops not expected to be announced until the summer, presumably with more time before they go on sale.

It is unlikely that there will be a significant increase in performance? The move from Intel to Apple Silicon resulted in an immediate increase in power and potential, but the move from Apple Silicon’s M1 to M2 chipsets proved less dramatic on the MacBook Air refresh. The performance gains of the M2 Pro over the M1 Pro are reported as “marginal”. There are suggestions that Apple will stick with the 5nm process for its silicon rather than move to 3nm and capture all the gains the latter would offer.

Finally, Apple is looking to equip future MacBooks with a touchscreen, some fourteen years after Microsoft first supported it in consumer Windows devices. It would be a sea change in Apple’s approach to wearable computing, but it seems inevitable as Tim Cook and his team try to bring the Mac and iPad platforms closer together, both in software and hardware. These MacBooks would become the go-to laptops in the line and, while not entirely osbourne’ing the rest of the line, would lessen the impact of vanilla screen laptops.

Those expecting the new MacBook Pro laptops to arrive on a schedule that Apple allows the community to agree to have been disappointed. Those looking to upgrade – whether to new hardware or eventually joining the Apple Silicon platform will have to wait for business laptops. And anyone who wants the convenience and ease of use of a touchscreen will be hesitant to invest in a new Apple laptop before the long-established technology finally hits the platform.

Apple’s launch of the M2 family at the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference saw Tim Cook and his team build on Apple Silicon’s successful launch. Since then, there have been delays, miscommunication, and feature leaks that could hurt short-term sales.

The MacBook Pro platform is neither stable nor certain until 2023.

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