Marvel Snap will get its long-awaited PvP battle mode at the end of January

Marvel Snap will get its long-awaited PvP battle mode at the end of January

Marvel Snap will get its long-awaited PvP battle mode at the end of January

Marvel Snap will receive its long-awaited PVP battle mode on January 31, assuming there are no “last minute issues”.

The news was revealed on the official Marvel Snap site, and developer Second Dinner’s Associate Design Director Kent-Erik Hagman also took to the Unity Blog to further detail what players can expect. .

Marvel Snap’s Battle mode is coming as part of the version 1.0 update, and it will see two opponents face off through multiple rounds. Both players will start with 10 health and the goal is to reduce the other player’s health to 0 before they do the same to you.

Additionally, decks are locked throughout the battle, so it will be beneficial for players to pay attention to the cards being played so they can know what they will be facing in the next rounds. Another strategy is to withhold a card until a next turn to surprise your opponent.

Battle mode went through several iterations during development, including times when the health value was different, the Reality Stone could transform your cards before each game, and more. However, the team quickly realized that some of their earlier decisions were leading to games that weren’t as fun and engaging.

After all the playtesting, the team found a way to make games tense and only last about 20 minutes. This time estimate is made possible by the High Stakes rounds which “start with the two-damage stakes, so it’s a lot deadlier.”

This is just the start of Marvel Snap’s Battle mode, and while players can only compete against others in their same matchmaking region, global matchmaking will come “a bit later.”

Assuming all goes well, January 31 will also see the arrival of Series Drop. This will see some Series 5 cards (the rarest cards) move to Series 4, and some Series 4 cards move to Series 3. When cards drop a series, they become “10 times more common in collection reserves, and [they are] much cheaper in the token shop.”

These drops will take place monthly, and the team will reward players who acquire a Seris 5 card before it drops with a special First Edition badge. This functionality will come later, however.

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