Marjorie Taylor Greene led an anti-trans rally outside Congress and only a dozen people showed up

Marjorie Taylor Greene led an anti-trans rally outside Congress and only a dozen people showed up

Marjorie Taylor Greene led an anti-trans rally outside Congress and only a dozen people showed up

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene continued her long history of attacking LGTBQ+ people this week, appearing at a rally at the capitol featuring a number of anti-trans activists. The event, however, did not appear to have had a large turnout, drawing a crowd of around a dozen people.

On Wednesday, the Georgia Republican joined a rally with the likes of Chloe Cole, an activist who became a right-wing star after her detransition, and Tiffany Justice of Moms for Liberty, a group that has organized opposition to mask mandates, gender education and critical race theory in public schools.

They carried signs with anti-LGBTQ+ slogans such as ‘Gender ideology has no place in schools’ and ‘There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE ‘Trust science!’”

The Heritage Foundation, another participant, wrote on his Twitter that the event was a gathering of people “exposing policies that push minors into access to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and sex reassignment surgeries.

There are no federal policies “pushing” LGTBQ+ children to seek gender-affirming health care, a branch of medicine approved by most major US medical organizations.

A spokesman for Ms Greene’s office said the event ‘was not a rally’ and that those implying it were spreading ‘fake news’.

“It was a spontaneous gathering of men and women fighting to end the horror of female genital mutilation,” the spokesperson said.

Ms Greene has a long history of attacking LGBTQ+ people.

Last year, echoing QAnon’s rhetoric, she accused the Democratic Party to be “the party of child abuse” and “the party that represents child grooming” and “child genital mutilation”.

That same year, she repeated a false statement circulating on the right-wing 4chan messageboard, that Uvalde’s shooter was transgender, and did the odd say trans men were the reason for a shortage of tampons.

The Georgia Republican said she feels “threatened” by trans people.

“As a woman, I feel threatened because biological men are aggressively replacing women,” she said. tweeted in March in response to a post from conservative activist Charlie Kirk, which has since been deleted by Twitter for violating its terms and conditions.

This hostility towards trans and LGTBQ+ people has also manifested itself at the legislative level.

In 2021, Mrs. Greene put up a sign outside his Capitol office stating“There are TWO genders: MALE AND WOMAN ‘Trust science!'” an apparent affront to his neighbor, then MP Marie Newman, who erected a trans flag in honor of her daughter.

The move came as Congress considered the Equality Act, which sought to codify federal rulings that found discrimination against LGBTQ+ people to be illegal sex discrimination under existing law.

Ms. Greene opposed the law, affirming it sought to “destroy women’s rights and religious freedoms.”

As The Independent reported, the constant drumbeat of right-wing rhetoric against LGTBQ+ people has led to real violence and threats on the ground.

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