Lost Ark bans players for inactivity

Lost Ark bans players for inactivity

Lost Ark bans players for inactivity

Lost Ark is being bombarded after issuing permanent bans to inactive players, leaving a mark on their Steam profiles.

In a move that has left countless players confused and frustrated, lost ark issued permanent bans for inactive players, some with dozens of hours of play and others who spent money on free play. Therefore, lost ark experienced a crit bomb on Steam as more and more players are notified that they have been banned.

It’s no secret that lost ark has a major bot problem, and the developers have gone to great lengths to reduce the growing bot population with increased security and more restrictions on new accounts. As a free game, it is too easy for scammers and farmers to enter the game and disrupt the economy and player base with little risk on their part. In what seems like a drastic measure to somehow protect the game from bad actors, lost ark went even further with this latest move.


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Thousands of gamers hit up Steam this weekend to be told they’ve been permanently banned from lost ark, a game they probably haven’t played in almost a year. This wave of bans targets inactive players, but disconcertingly uses Steam’s anti-cheat system to do so. This leaves a rather nasty mark on any Steam user’s profile indicating that they have been banned from one or more games and is meant to be used to identify cheaters or unruly players. lost arkLast year’s record launch means a large number of otherwise innocent gamers are being flagged as cheaters for briefly trying out a high-profile free game.

lost ark ban screenshot

It’s difficult to determine the exact criteria for the inactivity ban, as many Steam reviews reporting the ban show a range of histories. Some players who have been banned have up to 40 hours of gameplay, but not since the game launched last February. Others, meanwhile, have less than 10 hours of gameplay but have been banned for not playing in the past six months or so. Others claim to have been banned despite the fact that they paid money for lost ark‘s Founder’s Pack which gave players a few days of early access to the game.

It’s a strange move, given that most games try to win back their inactive players rather than ban them outright, and it may have done irreparable damage to lost arkreputation goes forward. Naturally, many gamers would prefer to try other free MMORPGs that won’t mark them as cheats later.

lost ark is available on PC.

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