Liverpool fan calling Paul Scholes ‘ginger Mark Noble’ goes viral again

Liverpool fan calling Paul Scholes ‘ginger Mark Noble’ goes viral again

Liverpool fan calling Paul Scholes ‘ginger Mark Noble’ goes viral again

He may have won 11 Premier League titles with Manchester United in a trophy-laden career, but Paul Scholes is ‘nothing but a red-haired Mark Noble’ and is ‘far from it’ fit to lace up Jordan Henderson’s boots.

So says Craig, a ‘massive’ Liverpool fan, who was asked to name his unpopular opinion in a video that is going viral again, nearly three years after it was first shown.

Scholes, of course, will go down as one of the greatest of all time. He made 718 appearances for Manchester United over a 20-year span, winning four FA Cups and two Champions League titles.

And many of the all-time greats lyrically waxed the former midfielder.

image credit: Alamy
image credit: Alamy

Zinedine Zidane has named Scholes as the toughest opponent he has ever faced in his career, while former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry said they were ‘always, always, always afraid’ of what he could do.

Former team-mate Rio Ferdinand also gave some insight into his talent, saying: “He’ll do ridiculous things in training like say, ‘See that tree over there?’ – it will be 40 meters – “I will hit him. And he will do it.” Everyone at the club considers him the best.”

But despite all the accolades and praise, Liverpool fan Craig is unconvinced.

“My unpopular opinion is that Paul Scholes is completely overrated and Jordan Henderson is a better player,” Craig said. 888sport.

He added: “I’m tired of listening to the ‘Gerrard-Scholes-Lampard’ debate; Scholes has no place in this.

“Jordan Henderson has had a career of progression. He’s managed the England Under-21s, he’s captained the England national team.

“The man dominates in midfield, can play in any position and every manager he has worked with trusts him implicitly.

“Scholes is far from fit to lace even Jordan Henderson’s boots. He’s nothing but a red-haired Mark Noble and that’s my unpopular opinion.”

There’s no doubt how far the former Sunderland midfielder has come in recent years under Jurgen Klopp, but to say he’s better than Paul Scholes? We’re not so sure, and many fans reacted to the clip online.

One said: ‘Paul Scholes could go straight to sport right now, put on a pair of £20 football boots for a game and he’d still be better than Henderson’, while another simply said commented: “Blimey.”

A third wrote: “Open Twitter, see Liverpool fan say Henderson is better than Scholes, close Twitter.”

image credit: Alamy
image credit: Alamy

Any thoughts on the fan saying Henderson is better than Scholes was?

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