Konami wants more Silent Hill games in the future, if the devs have some good ideas

Konami wants more Silent Hill games in the future, if the devs have some good ideas

Konami wants more Silent Hill games in the future, if the devs have some good ideas

Looks like Konami is determined to revive the silent Hill series, as a recent interview details the potential for more games, titles that failed, and more.

In an interview between IGN Japan, Silent Hill series producer Motoi Okamoto, Pyramid Head concept artist and designer Masahiro Ito, and composer Akira Yamaoka, the three talked about a fairly wide range of topics related to the game. history of games, as well as its future. On the one hand, it seems the general feeling at Konami is that the company’s developers have been wanting to bring it back for some time.

“The Silent Hill series had been dormant for quite a while. Konami, as a company, wanted to bring it back, and a lot of people who worked here wanted to make Silent Hill games,” Okamoto said. “The only thing was everyone had different ideas of what Silent Hill is and why they loved it, which made it difficult to coalesce around one direction.”

Okamoto went on to explain that while everyone had different ideas about the series, bringing it back with a remake of Silent Hill 2 was because that particular title represented “what true psychological horror is”.

Obviously, with the announcement of the remake came new announcements that indie studios like No Code would be offering their take on the world of Silent Hill with Silent Hill: Townfall. “We can’t do much ourselves, which means we have to work with a lot of different independent creators if we want to create a lot of different Silent Hills,” Okamoto explained.

The producer also noted that there were actually a few projects that “never really got off the ground”, but believes that “the number of projects we have will only grow. The fact that we brought Silent Hill back to life was a secret until now, so we couldn’t really come out and shout, “Hey everyone! Bring us your Silent Hill projects!” We can do that now, so if creators around the world who love Silent Hill bring us their pitches, I promise to look through each one. We’re all ears. developers who have a great idea for a Silent Hill game: send it to Konami.

Ito and Yamaoka both worked on the first Silent Hill 2, hence their involvement in the remake, and were also asked about what it was like to work on the game. Ito spoke about the influence of Lost Highway by David Lynch and interestingly revealed that at some point James wasn’t going to be the only protagonist. “There was a period where we were heavily influenced by that to have a twist where the protagonist suddenly changes mid-game,” Ito explained, although it was ultimately decided to just focus on James so as not to not confuse players.

The full interview is well worth reading, as Ito goes on to talk about his design influences and Yamaoka discusses the thought process behind some of his compositions.

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