Is WWE Sold?  Rumors of sale to Saudi public investment fund disputed

Is WWE Sold? Rumors of sale to Saudi public investment fund disputed

Is WWE Sold?  Rumors of sale to Saudi public investment fund disputed

Social media went into a frenzy on Tuesday night amid rumors that WWE had been sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. Several hours later, there were numerous conflicting reports regarding the future of the world’s No. 1 wrestling promotion.

Is WWE Sold? No deal has been reached for a sale to the Saudi Public Investment Fund, and the company remains listed on the stock exchange, at least for now.

Mixed Martial Arts Initiate Ariel Helwani said Wednesday morning that there was no deal in place for WWE yet. TMZ has also been informed that no sale has been agreed. Other wrestling insiders have reported that people within WWE have said rumors of the company being sold were fake.

It is possible that WWE will be sold in the near future. Just months after leaving the company, Vince McMahon returned as executive chairman of WWE and said he would help with upcoming media rights negotiations and a potential sale of the company. McMahon retired in July amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Comcast, Disney and Amazon are considered candidates to bid for wrestling promotion. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Endeavour, which bought the UFC in 2021, buy WWE. The Saudi Public Investment Fund remains a potential buyer for WWE.’s Cassidy Haynes was among the first to report that WWE had sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. According to Haynes, the deal has been accepted in principle but not yet finalized as WWE shareholders and others would need to be notified first. Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer said McMahon entered into talks with the Public Investment Fund after leaving WWE this summer.

Stephanie McMahon resigned as co-General Manager of WWE on Tuesday hours before the sale rumors. Nick Khan is now the company’s sole CEO.

WWE shares fell slightly on Wednesday amid rumors of a sale to the Public Investment Fund.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon speaks during a press conference announcing the WWE Network at CES International at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas on January 8, 2014.
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