Varunastra torpido
Torpedo varunastra
Torpedo varunastra

First production unit of heavy weight torpedo varunastra being produced by BDL vishakhapattanam for indian navy and it is flagged off on 21 nov 2020.
Heavy weight torpedo is designed by the naval science and technological laboratory, DRDO.

BDL (Bharat Dynamics Limited)

BDL has three manufacturing units, located at
Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad, Telangana; Bhanur, Medak
district, Telangana and Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

What is torpedo

A modern torpedo is an underwater
ranged weapon launched above or below
the water surface, self-propelled towards
a target, and with an explosive warhead
designed to detonate either on contact
with or in proximity to the target. And Torpedo can be launched from Ship,
Airplane or Submarine.


Varunastra has been designed with latest technologies such as
high speed and long endurance propulsion, software driven
intelligence, conformal array acoustic homing with wide look
angle and advanced digital signal processing.

VARUNASTRA torpedo feature

  • It has GPS based locating aid, a unique feature in contemporary torpedoes in the world.
  • Weight – 1500 KG
  • Length – 7 to 8 metres

Another indian Torpedo

Another torpedo that was MADE IN INDIA
Advanced Light Torpedo Shyena – The Advanced Light Torpedo
(TAL) Shyena is the first indigenous advanced lightweight anti-
submarine torpedo of India.
In March 2017, India signed a $37.9 million deal to supply Shyena to the Myanmar Navy. The first batch of these torpedoes were delivered in July 2019.
India has offered Varunastra
missile to Vietnam and hopes for large orders
from several other naval forces around the
In June 2019, Indian Ministry of Defence awarded
a contract worth ₹1,187 crore (US$170 million)
to Bharat Dynamics Limited to supply Varunastra
to the Indian Navy.