ICC Test Championship 2021, ICC Test match?

These days ICC Test Championship 2021 matches are happening with great enthusiasm. The Indian cricket team has reached second place in the top four teams after beating the England team in the ICC World Test Championship. And with this the Indian cricket team’s points in the championship table have also increased. To learn more about the ICC World Test Championship, read this post in full.

ICC Test Championship 2021.
ICC Test Championship 2021

Indian defeated England in ICC Test Championship 2021:

  • In the second Test match between the Indian cricket team and the England team, the Indian team defeated the England team and finished second among the top four teams.
  • The test match organized by the ICC Test Championship 2021 was being played in Chennai. And after winning this match, the Indian team’s points in the points table also increased.
  • The Indian team’s victory in this Test match was their biggest win against the England cricket team.

England team lost by how many runs?

  1. This was the second match of the ICC World Test Championship being played between the Indian team and the England team, in which the Indian cricket team has won by 317 runs.
  2. And since his win in this match, the Indian cricket team has equaled the ICC Test Championship Series. Currently, both teams are at par. Also, the matches between India and England are going to be more exciting now.

When are the next test matches:

  • There are four matches between the India and England cricket team, and 2 of them have been completed. And currently the ratio of India and England is 1-1.
  • And there are 2 Test matches left between India and England, both these Test matches will be played in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

ICC Test Championship Point Table:

There are currently four teams in the ICC World Test Championship points table, out of which 2 teams will be selected for the final.
The order of all four teams is as follows:

  1. The name of the New Zealand cricket team ranks first in the ICC WTC 2021 points table.
  2. And in the ICC WTC 2021 point table number two is the Indian cricket team, which was recently added after winning the Test match.
  3. Also, in the ICC WTC 2021 point table, Australia’s cricket team is named third.
  4. And the last name in this point table of ICC WTC 2021 is of England team. Which is after losing the Test match recently.
  5. In this Test match, the main match will be between the teams of India, Australia and England, as in the end only one team will be selected from these three teams and will play the final match with the New Zealand team.
  6. In this point table, the name of the New Zealand team for the final match is completely clear, so one of the other three teams will face New Zealand in the final.
Who will be selected for the final match of ICC WTC 2021:
  1. If the Indian team has to reach the final match of this test series, they will have to win both the matches. Or win at least one match and draw another match.
  2. Also, if England have to qualify for the final match, they have to win two matches or draw 1 and win 1.
  3. And Australia will qualify for the final match only when India and England win the 1–1 match. Or if both matches are drawn.
  4. Also, if the England team wins the Test match 2–1, and will have 1 match tie, then the Australian team will directly face New Zealand in the final.

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