Hundreds of people protest after police shot a student who allegedly advanced on them with a Kukri knife

Hundreds of people protest after police shot a student who allegedly advanced on them with a Kukri knife

Hundreds of people protest after police shot a student who allegedly advanced on them with a Kukri knife

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets to express their anger and frustration over the shooting of a University of Massachusetts Boston student last week.

Angry and frustrated protesters gathered outside Cambridge Town Hall on Monday in a rally organized by the New England Bangladesh Association to express their displeasure at the situation. Sayed Faisal, 20, was fatally shot on Wednesday after the student allegedly advanced on police with a kukri sword, WCVB reported.

“Faisal needed help, not bullets,” was the sentiment on some of the signs among protesters seeking justice for one man, according to WCVB. “It is so heartbreaking to hear the sad news,” the organization said on its Facebook page. “We have to do justice to this young brother. Police brutality must stop.

Faisal allegedly jumped out of his apartment window and started cutting himself on the shattered glass, according to another WCVB report. Surveillance video showed Faisal holding the kukri sword up to his neck before running shirtless down the street, closely followed by police. The chase continued until Faisal stopped in a yard next to a day care center where police again tried to get him to return the gun. Police first hit Faisal with a non-lethal “sponge bullet” before lethal force was used, the outlet reported.

In a statement released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Faisal’s parents remembered their son, “Prince”, as a non-violent person who had never had dealings with ISIS forces. order before. “We are completely devastated and in disbelief that our son is gone. Prince was the most wonderful, loving, caring, generous, supportive and deeply family-oriented person,” the statement read.

“To Faisal’s family and friends, my heart breaks with you. Know that I hear you and your demands for accountability and change. I understand that you feel like the town you called ‘home’ has let you down; to the extent that I am able to mend this rift, please know that I am committed to it,” Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui said in a press release on Monday.

The Cambridge City Police Department echoed those sentiments in offering condolences to Faisal’s family and loved ones. “Every time a life is lost in our community it’s tragic so we are all in mourning,” Cambridge Police Commissioner Christine Elow said, according to WCVB information.

An independent investigation into the shooting is ongoing, the results of which will be sent to the Middlesex District Attorney to determine if charges are warranted in the case. The process, the outlet said, could take a year or more. Elow said the Cambridge Police Department would cooperate “100 per cent” with the investigation, WCVB reported. (RELATED: Video shows police shooting machete-wielding teenager)

The officer who opened fire remains anonymous and has been placed on paid administrative leave. The office has reportedly served the department for seven years and has never been the subject of a citizen complaint, the newspaper said.

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