‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is already topping the charts despite controversy, as early reviews for ‘The Last of Us’ don’t disappoint

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is already topping the charts despite controversy, as early reviews for ‘The Last of Us’ don’t disappoint

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is already topping the charts despite controversy, as early reviews for ‘The Last of Us’ don’t disappoint

It’s a mixed bag of gaming news today, like HBO’s early reviews The last of us look good, Hogwarts Legacy managed to top the Steam charts amid a hurricane of controversy and some of the developers of Forza Horizon left Playground Games to start a new studio.

Read all about this and more in today’s roundup of gaming news.

The first reviews of The last of us are in

The Last of Us Pedro Pascal
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We are patiently waiting for January 15, when The last of us will premiere on HBO Max. Lucky critics managed to get their hands on the first few episodes of the show, with some of them watching the entire first season. So far, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and you can feel the collective cathartic sigh from fans around the world. At the time of writing, the series has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Of course, in interviews to promote the show, co-creator Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) set it apart from all other video game adaptations, saying it would “break the video game curse”. While this angered gamers as many projects adapted the games well, its boastfulness apparently paid off. But you can decide when The last of us arrives on HBO Max on January 15.

Hogwarts Legacy topped the charts ahead of its release amid controversy

The game that will apparently fulfill the wishes of Harry Potter fans around the world are topping the Steam charts, even though it won’t be released until next month. The game, developed by Avalanche Software, has been at the center of multiple controversies since its announcement. These include franchise creator JK Rowling being criticized for his transphobic views, lead designer leaving the company after controversial social media posts and use of goblins causing people to label the game as anti-Semitic. .

While none of that controversy stopped it from becoming one of the top-selling games on Steam last week, users did manage to briefly mark the game as transphobic on the platform. But that has apparently since been deleted. Hogwarts Legacy is set to release on February 10, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC, with other versions of the game set to release periodically throughout the year.

Developers of Forza Horizon leave Playground Games to found a new studio

A handful of Playground Games employees left the studio to form Maverick Games. The new studio is led by former Playground Games creative director Mike Brown. The team made plays in the Forza Horizon series for Xbox since 2012, and they were recently announced as the development team Fable. It’s interesting to see some key members of the team creating their own studio. Especially since we do not know what their first match will look like. We could assume they left because they want to keep making great racing games like Forza Horizon. But even if they break their formula, it will probably turn out to be something great.

Personage is coming to Xbox Game Pass this month

Some new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in January; Well, some new, old games. We now have the dates for Persona 3 Portable and persona 4 golden and they’re expected to hit the service the same day the games release, January 19, 2023. They’re both expected to release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on the same day as well. In addition to Personage Games, Rise of the Monster Hunter will come to the service one day later, on January 20, 2023.

Failed deep, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition, and Valheim: Mistlands Biome Update is also on Game Pass if you’re looking for something to play before the Personage games release next week. But we must also inform you that some games are also expected to leave the service. It has been announced that the following games will soon be removed from the service.

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • nobody saves the world
  • Pupperazzi
  • Anacrusis
  • We are happy some
  • Windbreaker 2

So be sure to play them before they’re gone, or pick them up if you’ve had a good time.

Check back tomorrow to read all the latest gaming news.

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