Here are the best places to work, according to their employees

Here are the best places to work, according to their employees

Here are the best places to work, according to their employees

Some of the best places to work in the United States include software company Gainsight, cloud storage company Box and mental health service provider Telemynd, according to those who work there.

According to a ranking released Tuesday by Glassdoor, employees at these companies say they like their co-workers, appreciate the way managers offer them more flexible hours and appreciate their pay rates.

At a time marked by disputes between workers and employers – including job changing, the formation of unions, more than 300 strikes and pressure for higher wages amid record inflation – the ranking shows that some employers, at least, are hitting the mark, Glassdoor said.

“Last year brought extreme highs and lows for job seekers and employees, but despite an increasingly uncertain job market, Glassdoor data shows there are still companies hyper-focused on creating exceptional employee experiences,” CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong said in a statement.

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Glassdoor’s findings are based on reviews that employees submitted anonymously to the website between October 2021 and October 2022. The job evaluation website asked workers to rate their employer based on CEO, workplace diversity, work-life balance, compensation and other measures. Employees were also asked if they would recommend a friend to work where they work.

After receiving 2.3 million reviews, Glassdoor has created a list of the top 100 employers from large companies. The top 10 on this list includes:

  1. View gain
  2. Box
  3. Bath & Company
  4. McKinsey & Company
  5. Nvidia
  6. mathworks
  7. Boston Consulting Group
  8. Google
  9. ServiceNow
  10. Burger In-N-Out

This year’s ranking marks the first time Gainsight has joined the list. The California-based technology company, which sells software that other companies use to manage customer data, was launched in 2009 and has about 1,300 employees nationwide. In Glassdoor’s reviews, Gainsight employees praised the company’s efforts to increase workforce diversity. “This is the most supportive, understanding, family-run company I’ve ever worked for,” said a Missouri-based employee.

More than 35 other companies, including Lego, Spotify and Toast, also joined the list for the first time, Glassdoor said. Bain & Company and Google, which have been on Glassdoor’s list for 15 years, boast a strong diversity and company culture as company characteristics that make them great places to work. In-N-Out Burger, the only fast-food employer on the Top 10 list, got high marks for flexible hours.

Glassdoor also ranked the top 50 employers among small and medium-sized businesses. The top 10 on this list includes:

  1. Staffing and Recruiting
  2. Telemynd
  3. JJ Taylor
  4. Pariveda
  5. battleship
  6. Qualified
  7. CaptivateIQ
  8. Schellman
  9. Everlaw
  10. Barber Nichols

Goodwin Recruiting is a New Hampshire-based headhunting company specializing in hospitality jobs. It has made the Forbes list of America’s Best Staffing Firms for the past three years.

“Goodwin’s leadership team is truly amazing and the support and recognition has helped me stay motivated and successful,” wrote a senior company recruiter in a Glassdoor review.

The labor market has been in tears for 18 months as companies shed pandemic breaks and welcomed workers back into the office. U.S. employers added 6.7 million jobs in 2021 and an average of 375,000 jobs each month of Last year, more than compensate for the losses suffered during the pandemic.

But as jobs came back in the thousands, workers began to demand higher wages, remote work roles and better benefits. Increasingly emboldened workers have also led a wave of new union training, led by workers at Amazon, Apple and Starbucks.

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