H5N8 bird flu
  • Strain of H5N8 bird flu but since he’s not yet any sign of transmission the highly section H5N8 . And to have left the people working in the poultry farm in the south of the scientists say 7 people were found to be infected. 
  • It’s the first time the strain of avian influenza which is. Moscow today announced it has. This is. Safety. Each of several days ago when scientists were absolutely Sir she told Rossi 24 states T. V. T. Reese no sign of transmission between humans however another strain of H5N8 bird flu.
  • one has been known to all 7 workers at the poultry plant have recovered over said adding the situation did not develop but she warned time will tell if the virus can mutate. 

H5N8 bird flu

  • The discovery of these mutations in the virus has not still acquired in the transmitter. Get the entire world time to prepare for possible. H5N8. He says that governments must face up to the nightmare scenario with new diseases or in new more lethal strain of an older one emerging which is as contagious is measles and instead and Delia grace ran down the leader of animal and human health at the international livestock research institute in Nairobi said the new wave of disease. 
  • In animals and people could be special she said the worst is yet to. The colleges University College London report since 1940 potentially fatal diseases. December 20. 
  • Within 3 months. Spread across the Czech Republic Germany Hungary Slovakia and route between March and 6/20/20 the disease spread to Bulgaria by the end of October it had been detected in wild birds in the Netherlands and between October and December it was also confirmed in poultry in Croatia Denmark. 
  • Ireland Germany the Netherlands Poland with some 14000 turkeys were slaughtered earlier. German stated. We plan to call around 1.3. Farm country.

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